The 4 Best Years

Sat, 12/28/2013 - 21:47 -- Stanson
4 years of torment
4 years of pain
4 years of life
Right down the drain 

Freshman year
You're ripped a part
Looked down upon
What a great start

Shoved in the hall
But don't you groan.
"Quit being a pussy."
"Grow a backbone."

Sophomore year 
There's still some fear
Of all the voices 
In your ear

Oh she's a bitch
Oh he's a fag
Fuck that teacher
She makes me gag

Junior year 
You cut your arm
It wasn't an accident
It was self-harm.

Smoke this joint
Drink this beer
You're disgusting
Look in the mirror

Senior year
The time is near
To grab the wheel
It's your turn to steer

Listen to the college-bound
As they boast.
A funeral next week
For the kid who overdosed

Guns at school
Friends who lied
The tears shed over the friend
Who committed suicide

Slice and drink 
The pain away
The bright future
Now a present gray

Freshmen to Senior year
100 dropped out
And your mind
Still filled with doubt

You now hate life
Your eyes filled with tears
What's to come if that was
The 4 best years? 


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