You Stand


I am a student with a matching face and worn frayed edges at the bottom of my pants,

I may blend in with the other faces, but I am a sunbathed rock in a river of rocks,

We are different sizes, different shapes, different words we make;

So when your eyes skip over me, remember there is no other like me:

I am the only me that you could see,

You soon start to dread, but how could you forget?

Our eyes fall to you, a tall monument of infinite influential potential,

You mold our minds; even those who are not so kind,

Most students ask for a factoral ryme, all I ask is a passion untimed:

On a rain-soaked day where rivers overflow and make-up smears, you stand as a dim lighthouse off on the horizon;

A power so oblivious, yet as constant as the air we breathe.

So care to know and know to care,

As quick as a shooting star, poof, we're gone away so far.


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