Skyscrapers and boxes while the sound of adolescence crowds the halls.

Seclusion from the norm attracted my comfort, forgetting what was lost and left behind inside became a beacon of the future.

The struggles and failures pushing success ahead and meeting new souls.

Laughing and crying to heart aches and stress with life and death.

Late nights to early mornings and procrastination abundant.

Jokers so serious the textbooks killed the vibe. Wet shoulders, amazing love, and ears wide open; where would I be without my back bones? Don’t underestimate deep and reminiscent thought for over whelming maturity.

The real world is everyday life for me, so what are you preparing me for? Singing my heart out with lungs of roses—-its a way of life,pushed by characters of those adored by many.

Friends have been astray, but many redeemed or welcomed goodbye with more to come along the way.

Millions of pens and pencils lost to the black hole i call a back pack, and gum never exists even when you have it (haha).

College, work, where’s time?…I think he said he’d be back “um never?”.

Her bright face radiant with joy of knowledge unknown, straight A’s was a given.

Youth gone with that of middle school to the thief called high school who's strong in persuasion of depression, and second thoughts of what again?

I think its called a future; you're only way out and only chance to prove your worth…i have some, don’t i?

She's slutty, he’s a jerk, UGH freshman. I feel  like I'm coping through an unexpected death. Your mind is telling you one thing but you know you feel the complete opposite but don’t have the strength to stand up to yourself.

Don’t bring up the lab experiment lunches, when your hungry you're hungry just don’t look at it. 

Prolonging breaks that lasts seconds make room for more thought, change, and senioritis; the dire disease doomed onto all who are so close to the back door of an institute of too many years. Give me more time. I can't pass this.

You know what, i’m not even gonna go today…i’d be rich right now, you know?

They sit me down with faces of judgment and skepticism with guns of doubt to my head wondering what the next move is.

It’s all just a game of chess, trying to take the queens spot, seeing who can get there first…most through bribery and half way written nonsense.

Dying to get to the top trying; way to hard. They’re yanking your chain its all a waist of time. To get where?

Some don’t even know.

Non existent money spent by naive ignorant adults, kids…regulation is just a word now.

Just do another one, chill out, you're almost finished you might as well drink it all.

High strung and hanging by a thread, do you guys mind helping me off the ledge?

High school…Weather good days or bad it was an experience that wont be forgotten, and one that won’t be approached eagerly that of which would be hell all over again.


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