Samantha Hyde

What would I change?
The question should be what could change
What could change are the rules you give me from the moment I come from the womb
The first sound I make
The first thing I see
The first breath I take
The first word I say
The first steps I walk
The first time I finally learned my right from my left
The first I hate you
The first I love you
The first hug
The first kiss
The first true love
The first heartbreak
The first moment of weakness
The first “time”
The first Mommy I need you
That first sound I made
That first thing I saw
That first breath I took
That first word I spoke
That first step I walked
That first right from left moment
That first I hated you
That first I loved you
That first time being hugged
That first time being kissed
That first true love
That first heartbreak
That first moment of weakness
That first “time”
That first Mommy I needed you
Should never change
We live in regret
And remorse
And repent

I wouldn’t change anything for what I have now!


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