You Did it, I'm Done With it.

Somehow, you did it.

How did you do it?


I thought there was no way

I would live the day

that side of me would be seen

and now you've experienced it.


I'm not blaming you in full

that would be dull.

But I spent a while trying to show you good

and you rejected it.


How does it feel for you?

Because for me, this feeling is relatively new.

I feel the pain deeply in my heart,

I wonder if you feel it.


Why do you want to go down this path?

With anger, rejection and wrath?

I never meant any harm,

I guess you don't see it.


Tell me, what do you gain, here?

I think you did all of this out of fear.

But it is ending worse than it would've,

You didn't expect it.


But now, the pain you've put on me

will be reflecting back to you.

Now you know how it feels,

and I'm done with it.

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