Thu, 08/15/2013 - 18:14 -- Bykema


Im behind these cold bars

can no longer see the stars

 the only sound i hear is the wind pushing into the cars.


Although not, i feel alone

the pressure filled inside me is pressing against my dome

In here because of me

but this is a team cooperation my mind focused now on we


Tired of sinners life and the consequences that it brings

fighting for what is right, no matter how hard it seems


Breathing in new life and creating a clean heart

Knowing where to end, but have not knowing  where to start

 For now the time is right  to say

that i will no longer be this way

Stepping into the water for  rebirth

leaving mars, heading home to earth



hey everyone this poem is an original created by me. it is significant because it depicts a time in my life that i decided to change for the best. it may not be the best poem ever but it truley stands for something significant in my life. thanks for reading it. Pray that i get this scholarship mila :)





love, kema

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