Before You've Forgotten

They say listen to your heart, don't listen to your mind,

But what they don't realize is that's just a waste of time.

You got people over here actin' like they cool, 

Tryna' be popular but they really old school.

Then the people over there tryna' be all tough,

Actin' like they cool, actin' like they rough.

All these people lie, all these people cheat,

They all have problems with everyone they meet.

They try to play it off, like awe they don't care,

But can they really fight the truth when it's all there?

They hide behind this facade of a fantasy unreal.

A journey untraveled, a life on thrilled.

They think it'll hide all the lies, all the pain,

But all it does is start a new game.

It starts a revolution of betrayal and deceit,

Of more lies and heartbreak in the eyes of the elite.

These people play with your minds and get inside your heads,

Only to put your business in the streets and your hearts in their beds.

And while we allow them to toy with our emotions

And ridicule our lives, they get of free feeling so alive.

I say put up a wall, defend your heart against the fall. 

Let them hurt, let them cry, let them tremble in their lies.

Don't allow them to bring you down,

To hurt you and make you frown.

Cuz' they aren't worth your time, your efforts or your tears.

You won't even know them in a couple of years.

So build up that wall, don't let your heart take the fall,

Show them what you've gotten before you've forgotten, 

Who you are.


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