Reality of Fiction


When I was five years old

all I ever wanted to do was grow up

but no one ever told me that I would never

become Cinderella

and my life wouldn't turn out to be such a fairytale.

But I guess that's what life's about

it's about learning.

Learning from your own mistakes

and realizing the things that fairy tales

were never about.

But that glass slipper does break

and you do only end up with one.

Because life isn't always so fun.

It isn’t a fairytale, I'm not Cinderella;

there's no beast and dragons

or magic beans, and giants that climb down bean stalks.

Or Prince Charming's that come to the rescue in shining armour.

The world is a beautiful place

that has ugly secrets

that we'll never really find out about.

But the secrets we do learn,

this world will teach us without it's own intention.

Everything will teach us those secrets.

And when we find out those secrets,

we'll never really know the truth about them.

And that's where we'll go wrong;

those secrets will change us

and make us believe those fairy tales were never true.

And that no lives those fairy tales.

Though, some of the people we meet

will still be living in that five-year-old's mind.

The mind-state that they still are Cinderella,

they wear a blue dress and live in a castle

and their chariot awaits them.

Their mommy and daddy give them everything.

And then there's me,

the girl that never had that.

She was never a princess only to her mother.

The girl that believed ab-rah-cadabrah meant thank you.

Because she knew it was the magic word.

But then she grew up.

And growing up had a lot to do with

the extinction of all fairy tales.

Growing up is a lot more than being five-year old

listening to your mother read you bedtime stories

and watching little bear with your grandmother.

And having a wicked-obsession with Pooh.

Growing up is about realizing the difference

between fiction and reality.

Growing up is about understand the lives we live

are not, and will never be fairy tales.

Growing up is about getting real

and learning the truth about reality

that's something a lot of us don't know.

That's something the princesses will never learn.

Because we're not perfect.

We never will be.

But the sooner we learn to accept that;

the better off we'll be.


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