I am lost in sea of unkown faces.


I am lost in a sea of unknown faces,

blurred and unimpressionable. 

Blending into the class room walls.

Spending the school year doing nothing but filling in a desk,

and saying present when called upon.

I'm just another face, in a long line of faces. 

Lost in the system of education.



To the school I am nothing but a number,

5 simple digits is what I represent. 

My name? 04913

Only one in thousands of kids.

I am lost in a sea of unknown faces.

What do I matter?


To to the staff I am a nothing but a place holder,

Their passion for teaching long forgotten,

along with their will to make a difference.

Never taking the time to teach me

just passing me along, 

I am lost in a sea of unknown faces.

When will the learning begin?


I've been waiting for someone to come along

to make a difference,

to change the way the system is ran

where kids go unnoticed,

where the schools don't care.

I am lost in a sea of unknown faces

Who will speak for me?


Graduation comes fast

Summer, fall, winter, spring.

The caps are thrown high

Life starts now, 

use the skills you learned to better your future

but I've learned nothing

I spent forever waiting,

for a teacher to teach me, for a teacher to care.

I am lost in a sea of unknown faces.

What do I do now?






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