The Mask of New Beginnings

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 01:12 -- ctosh95


United States
38° 40' 6.906" N, 121° 8' 53.2608" W

New faces bring new thunderstorms
The smell of fresh rain on pavement shows change in the air
The lightning flashes a bright sky for a split second
The moment rips away as thunder claps the same old darkness back
Yes, thunderstorms just pass through,
As all faces do

New faces bring new music
A satirical word brings relief from a monotonous melody
Piercing chants shout the rhythm of careless childhood
The sounds of running from cars at night bring in new ratings for the faces' Top Hits
But the faces quickly become one hit wonders,
As all faces do

New faces bring new attire
Gold rings, vintage shirts, imported shoes
Overpriced clothes worn by flawless stereotypes
Natural eye color in a paisley tin
A face full of makeup that wipes right off,
As all faces do

New faces are full of change
For a moment, we are caught in the lasso of their rodeo
When it is over, we emerge much the same
We peel off all the faces to show a blank space
So much built on mere resemblance,
So much time gone to waste


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