Forbidden Fruit


I believed my heart was scattered, thrown away like it didn't matter, I assumed that love wasn't real, and that time never heals. Exiled to travel a lonely wasteland, that's where I saw you, maybe an illusion, maybe I'm confused. Saw you in the sky, that's the first time you winked your beautiful brown eye, shooting star shot me in my heart, captivated and mesmerized, cloud 9 like I ascended right by your side. I know it's real, the girl of my dreams is the same one as when I wake, God has my soul to keep, you have my heart to take. Facing temptation like I've been snakebitten, cant believe you got me smitten. Long hair and full lips, even Mona Lisa couldn't picture this. Angelic in your grace, I can see an angel in your face. Can this be? Can it be that you're the one for me? Can it be that even though you're my future, that you're all I see? I thank the Heavens for bringing you to me. I pray that He never takes you from me.


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