The Abstract Mask

Behind this false face, remain flawless conflictions- A mask of such wrath, and endless contradiction
Good deeds are unseen, Anger is routine- never in between, because bliss is obscene
Clouds keep me in but soon, pours me out- into an unkind world- where i can’t even shout
These shards of obstacles whirl like a tornado, it’s throwin’ up the pieces, watch them twirl like a dreidel
I endured predictions, but i stood my ground- suffered addictions, but made a turn-around
My heart stays with God, my mind is workin’ hard, to finally understand now... that i won’t be forgiven until the day i can forgive myself.
Foundation can crack, and still support a tower- my structure may lack but that does not oppress my power-
I shall not cower, when my future over-rules my past, because I’ll be the person with the last laugh
In fact, my life was one big conviction, but what the jury doesn’t know is that the world molds intentions
This mask of complexity distorted my vision- finally it deteriorates... revealing ambition

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

are you a person of god?

i ask this because i'm a man of god that speaks truth about how the devil turn this world inside out to a sick and twisted place.

another powerful poem- i appreciate your potency to how you express yourself

it sounds like a lyrical rap verse


Yes, in my opinion... I write with my soul and with God's spirit within me. I want my readers to experience a journey and what better way than to use some religion to grab my target audience's attention?
The devil has many ways within us, check out my poem "Hey Lucy", it simplifies the most common way the devil takes our power from the use of drugs.
I thank you very much, prior to writing I used to rap. Lol, my rhythm is still in my heart.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

check out my new poem the devil's playground

it's very potent, and genuine


i'll check out hey lucy

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