High School


Running to first period, I can’t be late anyone who has been here can relate “buzz” the tardy bell rings. I walk into class “Where is your tardy pass?” she sings. I turn to go get a tardy and a young man with the same issue bumps into me and knocks my books out my hand.  I guess I’m not pretty enough because he looks back and sees my face and he goes from jogging to a sprint like he was in an amazing race. In  frustration I pick up my books take off to get a tardy this is my 3rd this week I can’t go to class anymore I have in school suspension “Great” I say. High school is not the picture perfect thing you see in movies, the torture a freshman goes through to find their classes trying not to miss the tardy bell and the right clubs and groups to be in. Where is my high school survival kit. I miss middle school, my friends the easy work I guess I’m in the Major Leagues no more easy work. The boys crazy the girls lazy to keep me in high school they gone have to pay me. High school a place where the fools are the cools and the smarts act the part.

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