She keeps me warm



The first time I admitted it was over text

I knew I was about to make my life a mess

"It gets better" was the chant I held on to

the only way I could face that girl in school

She was so pretty and I was so... me

Her smile, her ways, looking at her I was put in an automatic daze

Poison to my soul and I wanted more

Talking to her made my rating soar

People thought we were dating, I wished we were mating

That year I didn't even recognize me; this weird ass gay person had taken over me

She said I should just be open about it, ha I THINK NOT

If my team would have found out socially I would have been kicked off.

So I kept it in and said nothing, my own insecurities took a hold of me

Every time gays came up I would just agree, "Haha yeah that’s gay" was a phrase I tossed on the daily

So I'm off the team now, so I don't care anymore.

I'm with a chick now; yeah I was like this before

Yeah that’s my girlfriend; oh you aren't my friend anymore?

Friends turned to foes because those foes are fake

Moved on and graduated, yeah that’s my girl and no those aren’t fake

College is the best, always feeling free to be me

Hanging out with others so I started dressing differently.

The best time of my life, living to the extreme

Passing all my classes, finally living in glee

Moved back in with my family.

so out of place, I need to be back with my own kind

You know the girls that wear nice shoes, snapbacks and bowties

Lezbihonest I'm a lesbian

My girl knows that I'm better than any man

What about me? I get jealous so easily

Now everyone accepts me but I don't accept myself

Its the painful truth about my life I know I need some help.

I can't believe people think this is a choice, why would I wish this upon anyone

gay is synonymous with the lesser, all because our preferences differ?

They say we can't  get married because its a sacrete unity...over half of marriages end up in divorce

I would be married for over 72 days, I know my loves worth

"Why can't we all just get along"  is a phrase that is relevant through all times

lets change minds and lets change what we view as crimes

Love is love and there is no difference, the sooner everyone gets it, more gay kids will make it to next christmas.








I love it.

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