Side Effects


Roses are red

Aren’t violets green?

Junior year

makes me scream


All the work,

the constant books,

now I give my teachers

constant dirty looks


Just six more weeks

but we do not slow down

The work piles on

I am going to drown - in work.


Roses are red

but violets aren’t green

The author’s purpose

makes me scream


What if the author

did not want us to analyze

to pick and prod and be up to our eyes - in work.


I simply do not understand

why we can not have a break

having more stress than sleep

is a sacrifice I hate to make


Strontium is red

Nickel is green

The AP chem test

makes me scream


Months of review

I think made a two

I rock at redox reactions

but there were only a few


Isn’t the purpose

of your youth to tarry

in fun, carelessness

and not have stress to carry?


Because that is certainly not

junior year to me

the work, the work

it makes me scream.


And while I cannot be too mad

these classes were my choice

I cannot scream any longer


I have lost my voice


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