Finding Neverland


United States
31° 11' 0.4452" N, 83° 49' 33.9168" W

Today I am 17, soon
to be 18 and it wont be long
until adults will respect me, youth
will reflect me. But I just sit here in my room
waiting for Peter Pan to come. Before
I grow up I need to leave. Its been growing
inside of me, and there it dwells. This intense desire
to venture away, so far away
from this place I have always been. I shall go
to neverland and when I return, for I shall return, I will
then be ready. Ready to begin. I'll know who
I am, and better so, who I shall become. As
a small child I pondered who I would be in this year, my beauty
and skill, so clever and loving. Oh the hours
I built myself. Just to look in the mirror
but a few years later. Still a child
stuck within a daydream. An idea of what I should
be in order to become the one
I desire. My Neverland. Today I am 17, not ready
to be 18. I sit by my window
and gaze into the night. It's just there
above me, second star to the right.

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