Before the Mask is Ripped Away


Have you ever seen a Venetian Mask? 
Have you beheld its beauty?
Have you studied its intricacy?
Look at its colors. 
Look at its shape.
Look at the uniqueness of its design.
This mask may be physical,
this mask may be touched,
this mask may be beautiful,
but it holds no candle to the mask inside.
The mask that covers my soul,
the mask that hides my fears, 
the mask that keeps me going
is wonderful and fierce.
We all have a mask inside.
We all have a face we try to hide.
We can try, try, and try.
But will our masks ever crack? 
Show who you are behind the mask.
Show your true self.
Show yourself. Your heart. Your pain.
I will show you mine.
I will show you my joys.
I will show you my sorrow. 
Behind my mask lies a timid child,
behind my mask there is a woman,
behind my mask a warrior waits.
To show herself.
To bear herself to the world. 
To allow herself to touch and be touched. 
I can try to hide behind this mask,
I can try to keep my worries inside.
I can try, try, and try.
But someday the mask will crack.
Before the mask is ripped away,
before I am forced into a world of pain,
before I am filled with regret.
Cast the mask away.
Push aside the fears,
push aside the doubt,
push it far away.
Give myself.
Give my heart.
Give it all to you.
In your hands, 
In your eyes,
In your tears.
I trust.
I trust to show you who I am.
I trust that you will not forsake me
For showing my true self.


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