Perspective Of The Misunderstood

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 16:34 -- azgrace

The homeless seem mistreated

And neglected

I went undercover to see what people would think of me living on the streets

Minute after minute I would hold my cup up high asking for spare change

One after another all avoided contact with my eyes

Which were covered by a warm jacket one man had given me

A man who truly lived on the streets

He saw me shivering and gave his only possession to a complete stranger in need

The people looked at me like I had no hope

Like I was a new exhibit in a zoo on display

That day I learned that some strangers who think they have it all

Don’t pay much attention to the ones who have already fallen

But the ones who have nothing still care

Even for the un-known

Because they can tell that the ones still searching

Have a good future ahead of them…


Inspired by Brandon Heath hit song- Leaving Eden




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