High School

There are certain phases that the average person will travel through before they can be considered an adult



Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Each of these transitions is a major leap that a person must make

In eighteen days, thirteen hours, and forty-one minutes, I will begin the last of these phases

High School

From what I’ve heard, it’s a whole different world

More independence

More responsibility

More pressure

More decisions

New school, new teachers, new classmates, new expectations

Some people might see this change as something to be feared

It certainly can be scary

I understand how some people might be afraid of moving on from the life they’ve always know into a completely different environment

But I am not one of those people

I’m not afraid of higher expectations or more responsibilities or higher pressure if it means getting to make decisions and do something that will actually matter

I’m not afraid of possibly getting new friends or changing how other people see me

I’m not afraid to change the life I’ve always known

Because to me, this transition represents a new beginning

When I think about high school, all I see is a new opportunity

I’m not proud of my middle school years

I’m definitely not proud of the person I’ve been

I’m not proud of what I’ve done

Or more specifically, what I haven’t done

I’ve been closed off, caught up in myself, afraid to speak my mind

I’ve been, negative, unapproachable, unfriendly, lonely

I definitely haven’t been the person that I want and need to be

Next year, things are going to be different

I am going to walk through those doors with a completely transformed identity

I am no longer bound to my middle school identity

I am no longer bound to the person I once was

This is my second chance

My restart

Everything is going to change

I’m going to have a new style

I’m going to make new friends

I’m going to start participating in class more

I’m going to be more positive

I’m going to smile more

I’m going to be really friendly and nice to people

I’m going to start speaking my mind

I’m going to take the focus off of myself

I’m going to go so much deeper in my relationship with God than I ever have before

I’m going to let him transform my life

It all starts in less than three weeks, when I walk through those doors for the first time

I’ve never felt more ready for my life to finally begin

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Hi.  I'll be a junior in high school this fall. I'm writing a study guide for our English end of year exams.

I'd like permission to include your poem.  I really like it.

I could list the author anyway you wish (anonymous, First Name only, First Name and Last Name initial or Full Name).

May I please have your permission?


Stephanie Cutler


I'm sorry but I don't really feel comfortable with that right now. I'm still pretty new at all of this.

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