For Mizz. B


For what it’s worth I know how you feel
 I can speak to you but we both know we can’t say the truth
I know what it’s like for you and trust me when I say
It sucks for us too.

They keep saying that it’s the students they care for
But why do they cut it all?
Our art our soul
An intentional pun when a paint brush feels like a vein to one.

I’m afraid we’ll all go insane if they keep on cutting,
Slicing it away.
Maybe they don’t have a heart
When they just keep chopping away at our art.

They’re trying to push you out
Aren’t they Mizz B?
They cut into the department and you’re the only shield
They don’t want you and your ideals to stay.

I see your face when I walk into class
I know that the board is giving you crap.
We want to express ourselves
And you do your best to keep things going.

The budget is dismal
Tensions are growing.
I know how you feel
I know you want to quit but please think of us.

Really do you know how alone we’d feel?
You probably don’t know it but without you
Most of us don’t know how to deal
With school and its rules and the way it all runs.

So please Mizz. B
Stay with us?


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