White Day, Before Seventh Block


It started on a white day, before seventh block.
You grabbed a seat next to me, to start table talk.
I thought you were quite bold and different, indeed.
Who knew that such a guy could carry so much mischief. 
Twenty-five minutes were soon over, before we knew.
Lunch was over, and I walked side-by-side next to you.
My friends thought I was crazy to fall for your sweet talk.
I said, “He’s different… He got my heart unlocked.”
Eighty-four days went by, you told me you had to leave.
You were moving; I said, “At least wait until New Year’s Eve.”
You said that you’ll try to stall, that you’ll ask for more time.
But your mother told you that I wasn't your partner in crime.
There wasn't much we could do. We were only teens anyway.
Six months already went by, now it’s just another school day.
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