Who is she ?

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 23:10 -- ccoom15


This girl who is she? 

What is her means ?

She has been throrugh alot

Alot of things you have never seen.

They say she's jamaican but is that all to her ?

She seems that she has something else to offer.

When she looks at the world, she dosent see things vaguely

She specifys and analyzes the laws of life daliy

This girl is on fire, but is her flame burning out.

Her goal so bold, but her actions so cold, like its dieing out.

She dreams so big, her soul with a kind heart always gives

 But why ? Why ? Does she watse time with wordly things

They say she's different and ofcourse anything she will achieve

But what difference does it make, if in her self, she doesnt believe ?


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