This Last Year


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This last year

of highschool time,

the best friends i've met

in all my life line


On this graduation day

on this last cheer,

we will laugh and have fun

until the sun sets here


on this beautiful day

my senoir class,

we leave for adventure

to make life a blast


These memories

we will cherish,

have them in our heads

have them till we perish


the love we created

the friendships claimed,

we are graduating

and its only us to blame


our success

our truimph we have achieved,

there's nothing left

but for us to finally leave


MHVP will be left

left full of memories,

of all of us

and our life stories


just hold onto these images

hold on to your bestfriends,

for on this day

highschool really ends.

By: Joseph Rivera


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