Graduating high school


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Today I am graduating from High School. so i want to tell you things i have learned in high school that the classroom cant teach you. There is a path that we walk in life sometimes we see the good path sometimes we just see the bad path but its your path so there is always a second path you can go if you dont see it instantly take a step back breathe then go on to the path you want. Make yourself what you want to be and do the things that make you happy and if people tease you ignore them because in the end they will be the ones sorry when you are following your dreams passion and heart. the path you pave isnt about how long your path is paved its about how well you pave your path. Follow your own lead be your own person, Everyday we make choices without really knowing the effect of the choices because the effects sometimes are delayed. Set yourself up for the future make sure you better yourself now so you can improve your future outlook. Find a hobby that you enjoy also surround yourself with people who support you


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