The End


I’m sitting on a piano bench in an orange ruffly top while my mother freezes the moment on film. I move to an ugly green chair under flickering florescent lights while a declension is written on the white board. I share headphones with a tall blonde girl with interesting back pockets and we contemplate the nature of boys. I stand next to a car under a gorgeous blue sky and breathe in the fresh air while thinking “I survived!” I walk into a different room with different flickering lights but with the same ugly green chairs and focus on surviving. Classmates come and go. I write lyrics on notebook paper and contemplate the nature of unrequited. I finish my Latin final and leave for a trip with Daddy. I walk into the very last first day of school. Eight months from today, I’m never coming back. Seven months and three weeks later, I listen to every Taylor Swift song I own and relive all of the memories. I contemplate the nature of goodbye.  


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