Then and now



"One through ten,"

"Bring a black pen,"

Class flirt and Class clown,

Watch your step so you don't fall down,

Morning bell and Friday night band,

"Your turn to stand,"

Driving fast and running late,

Thinking it's fate, 

School colors fill your closet, 

Not knowing when to toss it,

"Four years will take so long,"

"Oh my gosh did you see her thong!"

Smiles and tears,

College thoughts fill you with fear,

Here comes may,

Holding on tight to every word friends say,

Theres the stage,

Time to turn a new page,

"Where did the time go,"

Wouldn't do it over though,

Hugs and good-byes

Pretty dresses and ties,

On to new lives,

College: future, independence, soon to be a husband and wives. 


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