Brown Eyes


Brown Eyes

They say after suffering from trama you loose memory of what lead up to it

But those Brown Eyes

I remember darkness


and bright Brown Eyes

like a solar eclipse, so much light shining from behind those eyes

But that's all I remember

I think


A bright smile and dark hair came with those Brown Eyes

Hope and love and happiness came with those Brown Eyes

smiles and laughter and...

and pain

and tears

and no. I don't want to remember

I don't want to remember that you loved me

that you promised me a future together

that you would never tire of me

those Brown Eyes cried with me

smiled with me

laughed, played, wrestled, slept, cooked, walked, sang songs to me

Those bright loving Brown Eyes made love to me

The last day I saw those eyes

Then I saw them again months later


filled with hate and pain and darkness

My Brown Eyes

My love


I don't want to remember anything but those Brown Eyes

My lulliby

My hope

My dream

My baby's Brown Eyes that went dark towards me


I don't know

but I still love those Brown Eyes of love

And that's all I want to remember

Brown Eyes

My first love


My Brown Eyes

Two years of those bright eyes

a lifetime of only remembering those eyes

even when all else fades

those eyes will burn in my heart

burn warmth and eternal unconditional love into my life forever

when all else fades from memory of you

Your Brown Eyes will always make me smile with love and adoration

enjoy your life my love

My Brown Eyed angel



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