Everywhere I Go, A New Mask To Behold


Only very few in this world have seen an unmasked being.

We've all hidden our true selves at some relative point.

Two people in this world have seen me without one on.


They should feel honored.

To have been given an opportunity to see me at my weakest stage.

The real me.


I don't want this to be a reoccurring thing.

Why is it, I ask

Why can't I take off my masks whenever I want?


It's almost like, wherever you've been,

You've left some sort of trademark.

Whether you behaved in front of family or threw a tantrum in a store,

You're always expected to act the same way in the same places.


For once, I'd like to change.

Remove the birthmark of life in exchange for a genuine smile.

I don't want to be known as multiple personalities,

But as one whole. One unique person that is me.


My question is why has society shunned us?

Why is it so frowned upon to change, to try something different?

Not everyone is a robotic creature, carefully formed by some strict, powerful force.


I declare.

From this point on in my life, I will not be seen,

As a robot, masked figure, shadow, or anything,

Besides me and who I really am.

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