If I Could Change One Thing


If I Could Change One Thing

By: Kelsey Wilson


If I could change one thing,

Of all the things to do –

I could paint the sky green

Or make the grass turn blue.


If I could change one thing

How awesome would that be?

I could solve world hunger

Or even bring world peace.


But if I had to choose,

To have one thing or not,

I would choose to give all God’s children

The gift of knowledge and thought.


I’d give them books and teachers

And libraries full of pages.

I’d give them the gift of learning,

A gift that lasts for ages.


There’s no better refuge

For kids, big or little,

Than the stories that lie inside

Novels, poems and riddles.


I’d plant a seed inside of them,

The kind that thrives off facts,

Whether it be from numbers, art and science

Or from reading paperbacks.


Imagination and creativity will blossom

With all they’ll come to know,

And with skilled teachers nourishing them

Their possibilities will grow and grow.


From all of this new knowledge

Inside every boy and girl,

Will sprout a bud of hope,

Hope that they could change the world.



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