Sat, 01/07/2017 - 22:45 -- agarski


A word that has the power

To make its victims cower

And to leave others smiling with their fond memories.


A new beginning

I saw it as a chance

To make them take a second glance

To see the brand new person I have become.



Something I would never do

I have too much to prove

I didn't have time to waste hiding my face.


Take a risk

I learned to make the bet

Even if I leave with debt

My pride in the gamble will never be forgotten.



The place to stand out

Let them know without a doubt

I won't be just another face in the yearbook.



People to lean on

When the world seems to be gone

Those who will forever be by my side.



The ones who made me stronger

Hold on a little longer

Go the extra mile to show what I'm made of.



Where I can be a part

Of something bigger than my heart

Where their determination is as important as mine.


The past

I no longer live there

I've found in the past year

You can't keep reading the same page over.



An experience that has not deceived

The struggles I would receive

But made me stronger in the process.






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