See Me, Help Me



Why can’t you see me?

The day drags on;

I feel like a zombie,

but you don’t see.

Why can’t you see?

I’m quiet, I’m sad, I’m tired.

I hide behind my grades, 

so you think there’s nothing wrong,

but everything is. 

Why don’t you see?

I’m full of anxiety, but 

no one helps me.

I don’t know how to talk to you;

I’m afraid, and no one cares 

enough to notice.

You know I’m different, 

yet you pretend to not see

how much I struggle 

to get through the day,

through life.


Ask what’s wrong, get to know me.

You give me knowledge when

all I need is a helping hand,

a friendly face, and that is 

what you’ve never given me.



I want to talk to you because I felt the same when I was in highschool, some days it was ok but other days I just needed a hug. I think you need a hug now though :D

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