Medusa's Mask

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 19:41 -- Joyce.k

Medusa, Medusa, my love for 3 years. 

Medusa's beauty brings me to tears, 

With her beautiful green hair. 

How I would love for her to notice me.

Medusa never looks my way.

Medusa never removes her glasses. 

I wonder why she remains stern, even though we're out of our classes?

Medusa never laughs,

Medusa never smiles. 

I wonder if Medusa loosens up once in a while.

They say she's hiding behind her lens...

Hiding behind a mask. 

That could never be true.

Medusa is honest with me and she's honest with you. 

Medusa please bless us 

With your beautiful eyes.

What ever you are hiding, 

I will refrain from suprise.

We are seniors in highschool, 

Medusa now knows my name.

Medusa's personallity is different

She is acting insane.

She removes her glasses,

Everything moves slow.

One by one,

My classmates turn to stone.

Medusa turns around in my direction as I slowly harden,

Her beauty finally revealed to the world

Tears fall from her naked eyes.

Medusa, Medusa

I still love you. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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