The Imperfect Perfection of Being Human


Who defines beauty?

And where did they get their degree?

Why is it that the "perfect body" evolves with each new, passing trend?

Is it a deeply rooted, primal need to fit in? 

We've all heard it said, " True beauty comes from within."

But if that were the whole story, there would be no need for "Thin"

Or "Thick" for that matter. And though the world is screaming 

For body-image improvement, no one is moving, all simply teeming 

With anger, and resentment. Blame is passed, kicked, thrown.

It's everyone else's fault, never claimed as our own. 

But here's the thing, one person chanting that everyone is beautiful doesn't change

The mind of the masses. And though the idea is to get everyone involved, they'd rather hang

back and watch what everyone else does. Where does that leave us?

Stuck in the same rut we were in before, no more or less fuss

Over old topics, no new perspectives. It isn't going to take the whole

World stepping up to bring change. It's going to take you, me, and tenfold

Of individuals making choices to recognize a simple truth, 

To realize what it means to be flawless is not defined by youth

Or weight or color of skin. It's more than what's within us, it's what we hold

Back, what we keep to ourselves. We need to stop living in fear and be bold.

We need to rise up and say, "I am flawless, and I know it, even if you don't."

Until that happens, we can't expect anything more from anyone. And though it won't

Cancel out the past or promise a perfect future, every person who's helped is one less

Casualty to the fear of being ugly. The little mistakes that are made don't make you worthless.

The sum of your parts is perfect despite any weakness.

The anger and torment that are felt are washed out by forgiveness.

The inequalities that actually level us cause our profoundness. 

And thanks to all these characteristics that make us human, you are flawless. 


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