What the Responsible Young Adults Must do to be Responsible Young Adults


We, the "Responsible Young Adults,"

are too teenagers with emotions

and problems

and thoughts and opinions


However, in order to not be disrespected

And scowled at by adults


and staff,


We yield to them


We must say "thank you" and "please"

and "good morning"

We must not frown or trudge

but walk like "professionals"

because we are "professionals"

Representing our School

Role Models

AP Students

not like the rest


We must smile gracefully when they joke

and quickly quietly obey

eyes to the floor,

heads hung low

when they use the term "children"

Because we are no longer "children"

But Responsible Young Adults


We must not make mistakes

like being late

or talking

Because we're "good kids"



one slip

and we are flicked off

to the floor

where the rest are

like bugs

a high heel clicking towards


get squished

She tilts the bottom of her foot up

and grimaces


rubs the bottom of her shoe on the carpet

and walks away.


Need to talk?

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