The Bad Guy



F**k the old me, I’m the new me, a past life full of groupies/

Controlled by tv and movies, "b***hes and money" is what I need, see my greed?/

Sex was to join the cool kids, sit at their table, and power enabled/

But I felt like a nuisance, cuz I told their innocence deuces/

I felt like a prick, asking for a prick, ladies ask for love, if you lip my tip/

Lean close kiss, sinful bliss, finger down south, just stab and twist/

Wounded women from wrong doing, lusting for love but love lust doing/

What on earth am I doing, I want to feel love but I’m not pursuing/

Damn, god where did I travel, the devil’s plan is finally unraveled/

Messing with emotions is a gamble, cutting out souls without a scalpel/

End this curse, and hide the remains, it makes me worse, and inflicts more pain/

I lust for fame, but a gift of shame, please puncture my heart and burn my brain/



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