What's on  my mind? Well, most of the time it's this girl. She touches my heart in ways i never thought possible. When i start talking about her it's like a train with no brakes, unstoppable. I'm not going to lie but when i'm with her i feel less like i'm merely exsisting, and more like i'm alive. She so pretty, she's so smart, she must be a work of art. I can't get her out of my thoughts, i ought to tell her how i feel but i don't know if she feels the same way. All i know is that when i'm with her i know that everything will be okay. Is it strange that i'm so young and eager to fall in love? Maybe its a sign from the gods above. I need her in my life and when i think about the future i can oddly see her as my wife. She is the girl of my dreams, but saddly the fates are pulling me away from her like the soft yet strong  force of gravity, because having her in my future will never be apart of my reality. Just as we fall for one another she have to leave to a far away place other than here. I wish i could be there. I feel so dead inside, when she left it felt like a part of me died. I got hurt in a place i could not console, like i lost a part of my soul. I feel numb, i feel dumb that i let her get so entrenched in my mind. Now i'm drenched with these emotions all the time. What's on my mind? Most of the time it's this girl. 


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