shit you cant say to your teacher

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 12:58 -- bweezy


Teachers don’t work hard nowadays

Rather than focus on education

They focus on my grades

I may have passed your damn class

But I haven’t learned a thing

Rather than focus on what I learned

You focus on what it will bring

You say you “earned” a raise

Because your whole class just passed that test

Well you didn’t do a damn thing

You just put our minds to rest

I feel like I’m going crazy

Your ignorance is profound

You see that kid over there?

The one with his head facing down-

Well he gets beat at home

And you expect him to learn

He’s the quiet one

He’s the one you call a “turd”

But he never speaks up

Because people won’t understand

His voice is high pitched

And he doesn’t walk like a man

And you pick and you pick

And he still shows up to school

For he’d rather get picked on

Than go home where life is cruel

And that’s just one story

And there is so many more

A girl kisses two guys

She gets labeled a whore

But life isn’t fair

But I wish it could be

Than getting into college wouldn’t be hard

It would be easy

I feel suffocated

Making college harder to get in

But jobs require it

The cycle never ends

College gets more expensive

In the middle of an inflation

But then wages get lower

The debt has got me racing

And I don’t know where to go

I’m lost in an abyss

I see nothing… wait something

I see cuts on his wrist

Oh no this is bad

Someone get this kid a preacher

But you’d never understand

Cause you’re just… a teacher


-Blake Carter





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