My King of the Sun

My king of the sun, Golden and unreachable My heart hopes, but it knows. Knows that you are nothing but a dream A beautiful love that will never be real And I think it's because It was I who trapped myself. You were the shining hero clad in glistening green.  A knight of Friday Lights And I mistook myself for someone you'd rescue Someone you'd save From an imagination that only ever hurt me. My king of the sun, Too far above me Always I wonder, What could brightness have to do  With one drawn to you But it did, it does, and I'm glad for us. I saw your smile,  Shared laughs with daylight himself Friendship is what I should have taken Not the hope for something more Because no one reaches the center of their world Without being burned My king of the sun, mon roi du soleil, Your warmth, cold to me

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