The Last Year of Hell


All that I’ve known for four years

Will I remember this when I walk across the stage?

My eyes full of tears.. of joy

You see, you teachers pretend to care

 But why would I believe that when I ask a question only to be answered by an empty stare

Stop acting like you know what’s best for me

You think you know it all because you already have a college degree?

Well you don’t and you can’t and you won’t

Just get to the point so I can put this pencil down and go back to dreaming

About a place, far from here, where all I can see are the stars in the night sky, gleaming

I can hear that last bell ringing

Picture myself getting up from my chair, yelling, “Peace out!”

And never looking back

And then SMACK

A book lands on my desk because my condescending Science teacher

(also a wannabe preacher)

Is upset because I’ve missed out on his dull, lifeless speech about the dangers of ether

"I couldn’t care less.."

Is what I dimly profess

Just get me out of here I think

“It’ll all be over soon,” they tell me

“All you have to do… is simply blink.”



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