To: The One With Bluer Skies | From: Someone Lost in Your Eyes

Dear boy with bluer skies,

Since you're the one who makes my heart race,
I hope that my eyes weren't wrong,
When I saw you behind the stair case,
As I sang that old Spanish song,

It's funny because you weren't the only one staring,
Did you catch that pun there at the end,
Because by name the stairs were staring,
Gosh this is awkward, maybe I should just start again,

Usually this kind of thing tends to start,
With a fond memory of love at first sight,
And how one had touched another's heart,
But that would only be a lie,

At first I thought that honestly,
You were a bit nerdy, obsessive and quiet,
I also wasn't a fan of star wars or destiny,
So yeah, I was never looking for love in you; but here I found it,

I know that we don't have that much alike,
Yet, it wasn't your interests that made me fall for you,
I love you for what you believe is wrong and right,
As well as for the things that you say and do,

I have had a little crush on you for the longest time in the world,
But I didn't realize it until that day she asked you the question,
I laughed to myself and thought of that other girl,
Until you spoke up with you eyes holding no pretension,

You said that whether she was pretty or ugly didn't really matter,
What you wanted was someone with the same goals,
That you would gladly end up with the latter,
If she was the more humble and righteous soul,

I thought about what you had said for the next couple hours,
When I was lying awake in my bed that night,
I contemplated the thought of something sweet and sour,
And I came to find out that without you it wouldn't be worth the fight,

Since then you have managed to fill my thoughts,
I'm not sure if I ever come to mind when you muse,
But it doesn't matter whether you feel the same or not,
As frankly, I'm not here to win or to lose,

I'm here to be there for you as much as I can,
Even if you don't love me I can still be in love,
So here is my prospect, here is my plan,
I'll be there for you and stay when push comes to shove,

If at the end you find out that you like me too,
Then I will stay by your side until the end,
Otherwise I can go find love anew,
And hope that we will still remain as friends,

Someone lost in your eyes.

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