Is It Good Enough?


"It's good enough" "a C+ is passing" 

The motivational speech my teachers gave me in high school

I know I wasn't that bright, I was told many times

I know my struggles with my academics, I see it in my records

But even worst, my standard was just to get "good enough" and "passing"


Why didn't you push me when I needed it

I know it'll hurt but I know that needed it

Fail me if you will, don't let me graduate

but teach and tell me that "you need to work for it"


you let me graduate with this writing

Yes it was fun being in your class 

But classes are for learning 

not joking around and playing

You're the "cool" teacher right?

you let us slide and you let us go

but learning something was my main goal


"It's good enough" "a C+ is passing"

Imprinted in my head so much

Even I started saying it

I said it to my parents

I said to my friends

I said to my whole family

Well I sure showed them


Put me down but pull me up

reach for me as I trip and dive

I make mistakes but correct it

Don't let me go on with my life

Yeah, I admittedly regret it


Please help us learn not just graduate

Teach me something new, not just from the booklet

Believe in me, but also my future

See more to me than my grades and my ID digits


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