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The blue skies turned grey.Rain pours down to the dry ground.And all the winds howl.
The blue skies turned grey.Rain pours down to the dry ground.And all the winds howl.
Among the Linoleum Isles And the buzz of plentiful products Of chips and dip along with other Items begging to be purchased Sits the latest item to your convenience: Your child. She will smile
Time's a healer they say But I am yet to see the day When all the pain fades away And I can learn to carry on
My feelings are getting hurt. I feel like my heart wants to break into pieces I feel like a glass cup that wants to break.
My father's hand is a pathfinder, paving the ways for me. When I stray away from the path or whenever the waves of life raged at me attempting to swallow me, or tear me into debris,
My father's hand is a pathfinder, paving the ways for me. When I stray away from the path or whenever the waves of life raged at me attempting to swallow me, or tear me into debris,
I see the blood on the roots of my tree, A tree that was formed and shaped in iniquity. Some bear fruits and some only have leaves, I wish mine could tell me about the things it's seen.
Got the Adderall I'd needed so On day? 19,993 Then MY Welfare guy Swings by Tuned my six Guitar strings
When life throws you lemon You make lemonade... Not that Life is hard Life is selective and discriptive You just have to strive and survive Those that are opportuned don't get this
Taking a time out... not alone but in company of a lonely moon. We talked... We chatted of how long it sits alone in a distance of itself, away yet close to the most distant humans on earth.
                                                              HOMOCID Rainbows people, look around! Don't you notice anything?! Every second, every moment, the Higher powers, that created the world,
So long it's been Left forgotten, But still remembered Now I return to an old home, Looking at the memories in the rooms Carved on the walls, buried in floorboards
Hello reader I'm glad your here Do me a favor and lend me you ear My writings are dark and vivid This is where my demons come and visit Telling my ink pen to write the pain away Then giggle and run casing a muck I've said how my pain began When th
Hello reader I'm glad your here Do me a favor and lend me you ear My writings are dark and vivid This is where my demons come and visit Telling my ink pen to write the pain away Then giggle and run casing a muck
The Ocean screamed; spasming As the ship sailed surely through Her waters Pompous boatmen spent the whole sun damning, Her ears with whispers of their slaughters.  
Shattered Heart by Sandrajohnsonj on June 8, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved
I could still smell the fragrance, It gave me chill and goosebumps. Like magic that circulated into my body, From my blood into my flesh.
Thou art my bones The unruly shell The worlds smile The story unforgotten told But the Adam may bear ,us far
Can I finally just disappear Far away from here Everyone is fake and insincere They shut the world down But I'm in between clowns Just let me go They say no "We need you to stay"
Deeply wandering…staring at nowhere, as far as it can reach Thinking of anything, imagining something my heart beseech; Past had molded me, present is reassuring, yet future’s uncertain,
Me: "O My Lord I know this life is a Journey And the paths here are Slippery Although I try to walk very Cautiously But the charms of world attract Me My heart desire all that is Fancy
Pains nurge my eyes,Agony throbs my thighs,Affliction chokes my breast,Anxiety grips my chest. My  head beats rhythmically,What can free me physically?These pains flog me brutally,Casually, I glide into misery. Being deprived of my feelings,I figh
THE MIRACLES OF POVERTY Yet the most unappreciated industry But the most lucrative industry Forge and mint the legendary Earns him an ever lasting victory   Time of poverty When he eats the same dietTrains him to be loyal To a friend, or a spouseT
I already sat down. I had inhaled. I had exhaled. The gun I couldn’t find. Had no time to find a lake so yes I will wait. My thoughts don’t wait though, but wonder.
Nimrod married his own mother, whose name was Semiramis. After Nimrod’s death, his so-called mother-wife, Semiramis, propagated the evil doctrine of the survival of Nimrod as a spirit being. She claimed a full-grown
And today to your years you add one, Know it that you are not like anyone, Remember you live and die once, So give it your best whenever you get the chance.
In all life long journey you are a prince, Bought at the Saviour's own blood's price, Never to be counted out among the children of light, Though others may take this little and light.
What once was true is true no more my love for you is like that of a whore I gave and I gave and you took and you took until all what was left was a broken shelf holding one book ,and in this book it is written my hatred ,my lies ,my blood ,my cri
Elated with the chastise of your prudence Embrace of your sweet aura Willing to abide by your melodies Savour my heart with your impound love
Beauty is so descriptive From the lonely to the executive Life is expensive but expansive Expulsive Rejective But make it effective Love life like an explosive
There was an old man from Kent his dick was so long that it bent so he stuck it in double instead of coming he went
How are we conscious if technology is our escape We are stuck on monstrous devices controlling lives Just the government doesn't see it through our eyes Adolescents are insomniacs The elderly are being braineashed
Looking for sleep but I can't find him Counting sheep has never helped me Since my eyes doesn't close my soul opens Whether for good or bad I'm focused Parents don't want to notice
Contemplating non existence Death is the only final rest Eventually it will catch up to us We don't know when we will go That's been decided for us Or is that just what religious scriptures dictate to us
We cannot go outside We cannot hear laughter and see friends smile All this is the product of Segmund Frueds love child Don't be in denial this is a scandal Lighting candles in the wind Watch it breeze by
On white glass she mimicks my movements her form is angular,  turgid, carved from ivory and recarved, crudely this time   Reflected back to me on muslin in oil her form is round and soft
I hope you hear me. God. Let me get my degree. Let me reach my goals first. Can you hear me?! God?!. Please give her time to be here. Giver her time. 'Cause it's near.
The NBA is such an exciting league Players working so hard avoiding fatigue   Various Dunks and three's And steals to retrieve   All this work for one goal
The star shine is bright, blinding sparkling blue and red and orange and yellow so she has to squint. The contrast of light against the  total black of the night sky is nearly unbearable.  
Got your hand stuck in the vending machine because you wont let go When I come at you with a hacksaw you say OH GOD NO It's for your own good Would you like to scream about your hand or the fire? I can clearly see your answer is no And I'm
“Simple” By: Dominique Cabrera   The simplest form of love is care Someone you look towards when you feel no one else is there The world can crash, 
I hear the sounds of gangs fighting like red fire, lobster and shrimp being cooked on orange, warm grills.  People being served at tables with happiness, the loud sound of barking dogs that turn black,
My heart desired to break the rules of loyalty, to breath to enjoy jollity, But ! out of nowhere a thought came to me what is this heart if not loyal? a barren gravestone
Dear Black people When we ask about our history They show us a black man on chain Being flogged by another man of diverse color
Texas.don.g.nutt59 true blue like blue ivory ghetto raised ghetto born from the birth of the stone blued up trued up from sun to sun down blue ways blue life platnium blue mic overtake the game its the blue hott balls of blue flame
Texas.don.g.nutt59.i arise my uprise is me the one i be the power of the stroke the strive of my uprise as i move the rhythem of my sorrow blues so into so much you the poet of new time no denail of my shine its the hood grind the best to be the o
We all know the most common fear of a naive child, right? Its the dark.
Coleceanth  Have you seen the rain at night Lumined down by city light? It pounds upon the asphalt here Makes fountains clear as crystal tear.
 When everything breaks Everything shatters My heart in pieces Scattered And all the world So beautiful, Yesterday
The old gods were so used to being the center of attention but these days they receive almost none. Oh, how they try and fail to stay relevant in an age where we no longer need the sun.
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 texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,all about you all about you you know how i feel how i am about all of you pull your self close to playa me all about you pretty lady  sexy girl come into my playa world such as me give me your hand t,pain buy you a drank
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,candy just like candy she is the baddest chick cute in the face bad typa chick pull up on her candy sweet she tight,she so good to right melt her candy berry any day any time any shine just like candy she should be mine oo
texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,still,mobbing, mobbing deep in this texas streets you know the name by now its fame no false claim as i mobb reaping texas magnolia soutern south side grooven my body straight moveing whats up to my family whats up to my p
otexas,don.g.nutt,59.poem,holden still bill folden its me once again its on like ghetto boys bring it on get it on im the hype the new heat thats holden straight bill collecting benjamin franklin bills im holden down the south this haters a
.m.ttexas,don.g.nutt.59.poem,texas texas hoods ghetto raised ghetto made ghetto playa from the south east tex city b,m,t, northern side how i groove smootha once again im in it just winn it all i do is give the blues teas texas native all stars  t
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,weatherman,stand any weather as blow an storm to the rain the wind the world the twist of life the weatherman upon the news stand this one is the weatherman of the society of life street weathered know one knows me any bet
texas,don.g.nutt.59.poem,thuggy thuggy.girl from the pretty girl swagg to the tuff ruff chick way she rhyme thuggy thuggy girl looks hood looks right her thugg girl swagg on for the night with lean she dress so pretty thuggy girl fresh an clean  t
pretty girl can you texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,can you see me ooh pretty girl ooh sexy lady can you see me everytime you open up your eyes ooh pretty girl every time you awake all i wanna know can you see me sexy woman ooh pretty girl,pretty from th
Sitting in the therapists den  It’s her turn the lies burn. Every side gets a say , oops we’re running short today . So we had to go , there was never a flow.  This was a bad show . I feel low low low. Gotta go .
“I heard …” “_her husband cheated on her with a prostitute_” “And had three bastard children_” “In desperate blind_” “ Anger she killed them_”  
He's so Ginormous that he dunks balls over seas.  He's the Star Player  with all the basketball teams. He takes his team east, to restore his sight for us.  His eyes shine brighter
As a kid you are free free of worry and at ease You come of age  at eighteen then things change  drastically You are sick always have been Everyday seems so hard
This girl This girl did not grow up alone She lived in a home With 5 girls and one boy And a mom and dad who was like a stone  This girl This girl has a heartA heart that beats for music and fashion An everlasting passion that she thought could ne
WE...are those girls with colored faces Walked those Carroll halls with bleeding patience With the facade of confidence and assimilation Lured the eyes of boys who
I've been blessed family, home, the rest -- Been given the basics I navigate the matrix Looking and watching, Learning not dodging Maneuver like an uber In the mazes and the crazes;
My mindseet is nothing that can be changed If I make a bad decision, I will not change My stubborness will not change If I lose my friends, I will cry, but not change My way of choosing will not change
As a young girl I'd "see" That the little white girls around me Were what I should achieve to be   Straight hair, colored eyes And skin shades lighter than mine
I used to walk upon the Earth, Not knowing what it’d give me. I yearned to be a grown adult, Being a child felt belittling.   I used to lie upon fresh-cut grass, And stare into the clouds.
It was a wild fable you see visions of hippies dancing, singing free their song resonating within my jovial mountains Buddhism captivated me shook the little girl in kindergarten and said
We are all sweetSometimes sourBut time’s done changed, so is the hourSo I choose to not to speakBecause myMouth’s a double-edged swordCutting deeper than Sasaki’s sword
They say glow up Hurry to grow up But I cry out slow down I never want to leave town My life has been grand A dream but on land Little did I know growing didn't have to mean slowing
They say glow up Hurry to grow up But I cry out slow down I never want to leave town My life has been grand A dream but on land Little did I know growing didn't have to mean slowing
Wake up upside down frown Eating breakfast laying down Get dressed walking to town Walk up to the king wearing his gold crown He waves I wave, now back to town Back home to my bed laying down
The tyranny of the sun is harsh, Oppressing its subject Creating laws which say you always have to smile But smiling is hard It's hard to when your friends all smile
I realized I had grown up When I got a job Money Responsibility Being held accountable All new things That had to be battled with Pulled at my skin Attacked me from within
can the heart and mind Coexist Something I can't find I miss Now I can't even tell what's real I'm just looking in a broken mirror And it turned my trust to fear (Solo?)
You better grab your gun the moon ain't coming out tonight nowhere you can run no place left to hide ain't no light of god Shining down on mankind
Don't you dare Said the voice in my head Don't you know? Never do a thing when you are not sure of its out-come!! Said the voice in my head  I was ready to ask one of my female friends to the high school-prom..
A tentative chill Born an instant ago In the silent-laced fog Surrounding the Girl Surrounding her figure As she waits in the Corner As she waits 'till forever Wanting, wanting to come out.
It all started that day The day you crashed the car You didn’t mean to But you really couldn’t control it From that day on, I knew something had changed After that, I could see the decline
It's the same thing everytime. A presentation is assigned.   Names starting with "A" are the worst. I know I will be called on first.   And sure enough, without a doubt,
18 and driven always forgiving My kindness is my weakness to the immatureness of people Putting people's happiness infront has always been a must Until they leave me broken deep in the dust
Preparing to face the monsters Repeating words alone Eases my heart from stopping Soon it will be done
Come out of your shell little one, Time will tell when you are done. Words you sing for all to hear, A song with get you there. This song you sing is not for just you, The team will hear and free you.
I can't see, i can't see Pinned up against the wall I couldn't speak In fact, I could barely breathe Each thought sent a chilling pain down my spine
Oh darling i am so frightened the oxygen has escaped my lungs this happens quite often daily as you know you used to hold me kiss away the  chill- spurring fear- thriving thoughts
When I was born, society handed me a script I played the part quietly and kept my lips zipped But I missed it, the system was gonna get my wrists slit So I ripped up the script and kissed the name misfit.
Rise and shine To the morning freshness That promises pureness Of mind, of heart and of soul A beauty only seen once in a lifetime
I slept hard as a bear That eats so much food in a dark cave, What no one notices all the time, My ears can hear, but I have weary tears; Beyond the walls, there is so much fear,
One day I will learn to value myself One day I'll be enough One day I'll say "your beautiful" And those words will describe every part of me And one day I will stop screaming and wiping away tears I'll be enough
The God of Small Things in one hand The waist of my world wrapped around, the other We sit in mezzo-silence, My murmuring the words of Roy’s clever, crushing prose,
Recently, I have come across the incredible works of  Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese contemporary artist, touched by mental illness originating from troubling childhood experiences.
Dear crush, Thank you for existing Thank you for being perfect and reminding me that I’m not.
Lord A prayer for the man I love He's so messed up Yes A prayer because I'm at a loss He's cheated enough Say A prayer for me from your heart In satan's snare he's caught And me
Am I Okay September 14, 2018 ~ Friday Kicking, screaming out for help Sneakers, gloves, here they come Running through the halls
What I’m Not September 13, 2018 ~ Thursday There’s music in the hills Sounds of song on their backs, fronts, and sides That which I’ve never heard
Could You September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday I’m gripping tightly Onto that which makes me all I ever was and needed The words I heard and heeded
Relief (Heartless) September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday He’s a book with boxes Analytical machine with no off switch He’s got a checklist And I'm on it
The Question September 10, 2018 ~ Monday I came to get help Not to get hurt And every time you make a move
Ripple September 10, 2018 ~ Monday Daddy Hello, you who held me when I was just a baby To you, who watched me Swathed and bottle fed me
Reflection September 10, 2018 ~ Monday Wake up one day Staring into the face of someone I don’t recognize Are those my eyes or hers
In The Middle August 31, 2018 ~ Friday Every person, tall or leaning Building what they thought was meaning
Come Together Over Me August 28, 2018 ~ Tuesday I’m trapped, I’m trapped Inside a head that is not mine Trying to live but he’s trying to die
I wasn’t always this lost, my days consumed by chaos An era where everything makes me nervous And every other day my mood drops, and rises It’s always a fight to find my way through this mind fog
It always comes back to you, doesn't it Fae? I don’t think you ever realized how important you were To your lovers Friends Nation Continent
Suppose I am grateful for pain?   I picture my influencer, And instead of a warm hug, Or a friendly hand on my shoulder,
One more word. That’s all it takes, just one more word and you’ve completed a page.
We anticipate our fearsome declares. Let everybody hear your claims. 
Life is full of many different sounds Either a sound I hear or a sound I make Both ring in my ear so loud It's quiet  Is that my phone going off  O wait my phone is dead
I want to ride on the back of bees I truly wish you would recognize me I claw into myself I clean it up I get thrown in the trash for the garbage pickup I display raw strength
Thank you Mrs. Bandy for everything you do I couldn’t be here and head where I’m going without you You’re more than just a mentor and counselor to me
Don't push me cuz I'll go I don't have time to waste I just want you to know I'm not fine always sitting here all alone I've got pride and it takes me to another home where I'm fine
My motivation Making the white man crazy they hate to see when young colored people make it  My motivation  Momma never gave up even when we ain't have nowhere to go we was stuck  My motivation 
I’ve got - two loving mothers Who i’m sure - passively still love eachotherWho both supported me through panic attacks and shaking shuddersWho did their best to hold me near when I was paralysed with fear. But damn!
I love her I like her I love her I like her... I dont know what it is. Love or heavy like...? I cant sleep, i dont eat as much I cant get her out of my head
A/N: This is better served as a performance piece, as it is the first Slam poem I ever wrote. So I will indicate actions in my performance with *asterisks*  
Rain drops like beans hitting a bucket, flying down the stairs, through the flush of daffodils down the toilet creating sunset golden swirls   swirling, twirling, dancing lightly on summer night skies
Dear Middle Child It's difficult I know Being categorized as a sterotype Letting people tell you what your life is like Saying that you're invisible to your love one's eyes
you were my universe, beyond just the sky you were my everything, including my demise. you held me close, skin on skin, until we broke and came to an end.
  Nobody is perfect. I’m Nobody. Perfect. contradiction leaves me hurting. Beneath the surface, my purpose is complex, that's for certain. I'm struggling with the weight of this burden.
I need my fucking space. I take my place in fucking Space Spacebound Spacewalking Spaced-out
Love Is Poison, When the person you love is poison, plotting on ones insacurities knowing that its just not really love they seek, Its Poison, Vulnerable you fall deeply in love with poison,
I feel life after death The word says I am too late for the light Evil thoughts, watch me purify my soul in front of heaven As an angel tells me I am never too late The gate waits upon my arrival
Return to me, O land of hearthstone tales! Come back, I sing your name. For gone are days Of yore when knights and fools alike prevail Against wizards and dragons, led astray
Leave me in my privacy Quiets all i want to be Its how I stay at peace Living gently and unwarily Enjoying what's next to me Comfortably and humbly A life so care free
Real eyes don't realize the real lies, deep inside.  No deep thoughts, we're think-naughts, robots Programmed to conform.  No form, forlorn, uninformed,  Of problems in - this world, keeps turning
I was writing a poem about being in Paris with the woman I love while she was sick but unfortunately it got deleted as I was dictating it because I cannot type period
I was writing a poem about being in Paris with the woman I love while she was sick but unfortunately it got deleted as I was dictating it because I cannot type period
Having me in your adolescence, I understand this was no easy feat: Growing up early, throwing your childhood away, I can’t commend you enough. And you’re still on your feet. I saw you struggle, day by day
Dear Grandmother, You were supposed to protect me and wipe my tears when I cried. Yes, you did this but all as you lied. You taught me not to trust:
I know you was never around But when you talk to me now I frown Because you came in my life a few years ago to make things right But then you talk to me now like I owe you my life
      My Dearest Deer Jared Gonzales As I anxiously await the draw result
Dear boy I once loved:   There was a glare in your eye that only appeared when i walked by, And my dull grey eyes would turn joyous blue everytime, Everytime our thoughts intertwined it made my heart skip a beat,
Love not received leds to lies and tragedy You shouldn't have believed me I don't love you Dove, so pure blinded and deceived by me To marry a fool you must farewell rue
Dear Depression, Another day has come and gone with moonlit rays receding to the approaching dawn. Why, oh why, do you make me feel all alone even with friends coming to and fro?
  You know me better than my mother. You know me better than my friends, Who know me better than my mother. Yet I wonder... Are you? I think for you, Therefore, you are... In me.  
Dear Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, You, the bane of my existence, the pain that has persistence, no matter how I try there's no way I can outdistance you.
Strong, independent, hard-headed, and lovable.  such words make you unstoppable.  From dusk till dawn your smile carries on,  reminding me to always tary-on.  With a heart made of gold, 
Querido los Campesinos,   Dear Fieldworkers,  
Dear Luck, You know I am always thinking— hoping— for you. Everyone is.
I had a dream last night, and it got me thinking about you, You're crying right next to the windowsill, and you say that I don't know how you feel.
There once was a lady who had three beautiful daughters And she loved each very much, she said. she raised them in a world of strife Communist China was a mess So she ran away to a safer place
List of Things You Do Not Understand:  
Tree roots riding rail-road tracks, where rivers ran and reeled.   Near wakes of war-stained waters, where the moonlight blazed em' steel.   In parting ways, of praying maize,
I want you to do something for me. I need you to tell them all. Tell my best friends they couldn't stop it. They did all they could and I love them for it. Tell my brothers
It is never truly night. There is always the moon Shining its beautiful light. Like a silver neon sign. It dawned on me, Everyone is more alive at night. There is more light, More noise,
I wonder if you love me  think of me want to hug me If you wanted me you would have stayed  but I think I am better off that way I wonder if you wonder about me if I love you
I never knew that one day would be the last hello. On that corner under our tree with the dream, Every hurricane of emotion stops; let’s go With that hint of a distanced gleam
There’s three little words I want to hear you say Three little words that can brighten my day I wait expectantly, lapping up the sound of your voice,
Let my hands be always gentle, And never leave you grey and blue. Let my touch bring you comfort, Because I love you.  
Because I love You I want to see you angry I want to see you cry I want to see you hurt I want to see you fail I want to see you fall I want to see you give up I want to see you at your lowest point
We've reached our end, you and I. But it's okay, at the end of this is paradise. Where the people are happy, and you get to smile, but before you cross over, why don't we sit for awhile.
People say that words carry weight And we understand it's true That words can be so heavy Even when they're so few It's their emotional pounds  That weigh you down That make you afraid
Their are simply no words to follow my actions towards you.. Just because people bicker and stare, it doesn't mean it's always true... The perception of our relationship status..
Weigh down my pockets with your thoughts, each text a burden in my mind, a contact shared form you to me, expressed as stressed bytes caught online.   Weigh down my head with your message,
The lotto of lifeScratch thatIt's destinyA one in a millionChance toBe effigyE.g.Lying in MarionEff'tlesslyGentle reposeExposed toFaux certaintyHe knows
PRELUDE: Black Out Poem (Warm Up) A kiss He was waiting for. He wanted more of a girl Who was warm and generous with her praise.  
'Because I love you' Means many things Like reassurance until our end Respect and a sense of humility Treat me like I'm full of meaning
Trees and plants are green in spring and summer Autumn comes around, the leaves turn red and orange Winter arrives, and it feels like the storm lasts forever                            
Why now? I must know How this life grow so large on this Earth we stand on to revive Need some advice to be nice? U and I are together on this, swear things will change
A normal day Of a happy life And then in an instant It's like you've been stabbed with a knife You see everything you love Ripped to shreads  There is life all around you
The days can be long The afternoons, longer I can forget who I am sometimes And at times, the doubts can get stronger  But your name on my screen And your voice on the phone Are enough to reel me back in This, I'll always know  You remind me I'm s
Little brown girl  Oh, how big can she be? little brown girl  through my eyes, you'll see   Her beauty is within  thus, it lies deep she's no Barbie and Ken yet, still needs beauty sleep
I am engulfed the many flames you've lit, with the intention of setting my vision ablaze Yet they only seem to act as fuel to my internal flame Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days,
my brain smokes and i ride the wind or drift by the galaxy past oblivion the old man sits there in a way hes always been today i think
"Once upon a time" quite the phrase. Hearing it captivates children in a daze. But children forget that villains are people too. Their actions may even have jusifiable cause through and through.
Let the blade cut deep, but never shall I bleed. Not this time nor next, shall you see my blood upon my sleeve.
How do a crow share it's view When no one's been filling The sky it's own blue? There was nothing but sheer silence In the fields of it's own land, Like how the lonely bird's mind
America the what? Oh. You said, America, The great. You see, I misheard you, For the words America and great
What is that sound you hear? It is the sound of mothers weeping, Fathers dying, Children starving.  
Broken glass, tears shed. Mom stands outside to hang her head, In grief. There is no love left in these streets. Two blocks over gunshots ring out.
Does love really last forever? I mean we have that sense of love you know deep down inside to where we know we really love this person but does love last forever? I mean yes it can last for years and years but how do you know you love someone?
I pledge allegiance To the left Stand for the oppressed Bleed blue from my chest.   I pledge allegiance  to the right Disguised as hate But for freedom I fight.  
America, the great, the beautiful. Is it really true? People, abandoned, left for dead. Ignored, tossed aside. Yelled at, discriminated. We are not fair.
They’re thicker How? Who knows,   They’re reaching together Around my windows,   They’re protecting From what happened From what made them Thick and puffy  
I just can’t seem to get it right, I put it off till I had time But now I’m feeling overwhelmed And more than that I’m scared as hell, Scared that things are crashing down Lonely far from all I know
Rain is falling but not hard enough The wind is blowing but far too much The sun doesn't shine but for a touch People are calling but just to bluff The sirens are blaring but the sound is a hush
from a wilted whisper to a unyielding yell you've forced my hand i won't back down anymore.
Stay Gold You never know what the future holds, with our stories yet untold, our beautiful mind can't be sold, our words will be forever spoken forget the background noise, focus you are not broken. Show them you are strong,
Dad, These are the days where I, With special clarity, With attentive mind Give heed to the cavern in my heart. These are the days where I wonder And I miss your smile. The days I remember.
I believe that leaves grow on the strength of their trees So that one day they leave and reach for new feats And these leaves that grow too fast, soon break free And roam the pastures of uncommon things
Thanks For The Epiphany's You left me traumaitized,But now I'm desensitized,When I mesmerize,About the feelings inside.And I don't wanna feel,Something that's not real,When I can't even begin to heal.Why can't I be everything you
In the beginning, I felt like dying Everyday was the same filled with my constant sighing I could not bring forgiveness to myself I am alone   I settled for someone who only brought me stress
Drifting up north on a Friday evening, with my ears plugged to a silent music. The driver strives to better his earnings by helping stranded people off the sidewalk pavings
  My feet may be a bit long and I may not have a thigh gap, but that doesn't mean that my legs aren't smokin' hot   I may have love handles and a muffin top, but these curves are more than your love can handle  
be yourselfbe a kidlike I didbe your own personbut did I mentionthese sidelinesguidelinesto abide by
I wish to be free Like the birds and bees Who fly and land wherever They please.   I wish to be free Like the tree Who will always stand tall and sturdy And upright beside me.  
Music is powerfulA healer of the heartI can feel strength in me when the rhythm starts Sound is surroundingLimbs are flowingMy mind is freeDancing and spinningCan help ease anxiety
Crashing waves Horses racing for peoples debts Amature volleyball games in the sand Posiedon's serving calamari House parties on the water
Out the window a thousand bright lights 
Late night crying Struggling with pain and insecurities Bad thoughts running through your mind Feeling invisible like a ghost Feeling like a nobody Not worth anyone's time Sick of crying
I look at my generation and know we are screwed How easy for the young mind to get so manipulated How fast we fall in love all for the wrong reasons How easy we get caught up in the pleasures of sex drugs and money
A crisp fall morning. Waking up just before the sun rises. Watching the steam of a freshly brewed cup of coffee billow through the air. The scent of a freshly lit candle fills your lungs, seeing it's flicker from afar.
poetry is like a tree - if you took all the metaphors and gave them to me i’d have them strung up on the clothesline by half a quarter to 3.  
One day, behind the summer leaves, spellbound, I watched the heavens bleed. The sky was fainting, whitening, and feeble, yet it soaked the trees. A darling little groan of pain 
 I was depressed at a young age, Becoming a new person every day, Never crying, emotions looking for a way out. It came to me three quarters into sixth grade. I paused from running away to stare at a golden page.
Haven’t seen the world yet, but I don’t need an airplane to teach me empathy.  Befriended a drug dealer, became friends with my enemies.  
Madness, darling, madness is what I feel   Genuine like stars before the moon so surreal Dangerous like chaos locked within then set free   My loved ones they sing and swing and dream
Ive been suffering this disconnect Past and present shuffling in my head It has to be said These days I know no wrong Cause its been too lonely of a song To have sung along I hate how my voice trembles
The lips of my brain Were born to be insane Driven to rust Life was clearly my lust  My worth defined by dirty words that often weren't even heard A soulful sorrow of judgement
Literature is….!  Boring.   I slept through Kipling, Napped on Dostoevsky, You think I liked Dickens?
If I Could Be Anything In The World I Would Be Your Tears With Every Emotion You Bringg Conceived In Your Heart With Every Beat It Makes Born In Your Eyes Where Your Beautiful Soul Shines Bright
If I Could Be Anything In The World I Would Be Your Tears With Every Emotion You Bringg Conceived In Your Heart With Every Beat It Makes Born In Your Eyes Where Your Beautiful Soul Shines Bright Live In Your Cheeks Where When You Smile I Feel The
My sentances are long, organized, complex, but my mind always wanders, short bursts of energy, infinite subjects.   Too long had I tried to say my thoughts normally. Why try when poetry
It doesn't matter now does it? Do our own words even define us anymore? No that's not it. Apparently to the social contruct our gender makeup defines us.
My gift. My voice. A melody. A tune. A sound. Which then became Words recited rapidly And rhythmically.   I soon discovered It was a form Of p-o-e-t-r-y.
They walk and talk like they really know mebut I'm not just some random bodyI don't need them to dictate what I can and cannot do  
In the abyss a crevice of black I curl my neck ready to attack With inked rapiers in my claws I slash and stab hoping for renewal   Half awake my sore back sprouts
no matter what you say or do  it will never be  enough not what they're looking for so your feelings,  they're ignored  they're a lie just like you just because you're a liar too
He stares at his ceiling It's half past four It's paranoia he's feeling He looks at his door No one will come Yet, he still tries to run Away from his demons They scare him a ton
Good morning, they say And I'll say it back But I still desire unconsciousness Not because I need the rest Although I do   But I stay on my feet anyway Aware of my struggle to
This day in particular  Was really quite gray The guy next to me sighed Hey, you okay?   I replied that I was fine I gesured him to go away  Yet, he wiped the tears from my eyes 
There's something about surfing at sunset. Maybe your hands feel like ice cubes. Maybe your ribs ache against the surfboard. Maybe your arms hang, limp as noodles.  
Breathing in the salty air I can feel the wind pushing through my hair, I feel the warmth of the sun pressed against my skin, the crashing of the waves
My best friend was raped her freshman year and was shamed into transferring into another school. I met her my senior year.
Hate never silenced her wordsAnd compliments never brought about changeAll she ever did was binge and purgeBut her mind remained tainted and strange
Fear. A devil straight from hell Causes anger to swell Fear. A demon With long wings Laced with blood Dripping down Like a butterfly after rain The eyes
Just say Say it already Why should we have to choose You Me We are not a label See You and me we are one One as equality We are not Gay or Straight We are not Men and Women
Over the clouds, radience I see; Under the radience, a nest; Over the nest, a fire set on the tree; Under the tree, a hunterat his best; Over the hunter, a need to flee; Under the fear, the end of his quest.
There is a swarm of the expressionless monotonies which resound off the bleeding walls and pierce through Your soul writes all it wishes to convey on these beaten, chipped, and tattered walls
Greatest gift for mankind? The relief from a hard time; I say this with no lie. Laughter over anger makes everything fine Because I know it will be in due time. Knowing what’s best with best intention.
I would take the love that you saw When Flynn looked at Rapunzel When you saw pure love and passion for this girl that he just met a day or two before
Alone and stranded on a bare-naked island, no food, no water, no warm toasty bed. The sunlight glares off the endless sea-- my eyes and reality have not yet met.   I watch the first sunrise, cursing my luck.
Before I even knew how to say hi I, Was outcasted, ostracized, denied Kicked for being different, spitted at for daring to be born What was I supposed to do, when even adults sworn
This is to those souls who turn penciled prose once froze poetically Into hearts spoke phonetically Because Respectively Some words are too great To be caged upon a page. So Here's to
Many people, internationally, are interconnected through this web of interaction. This tool has the power to topple over rulers and let voices be heard.
If you ask the many about what they need on a deserted island many talk about food. Others talk about how they would need the right dudes.
A smiling face A cheerful laugh She seems happy But it never lasts She goes to bed But she can't sleep The depression hits And she starts to weep
Once I soared on an angel with steel wings,through a piercing blue skyover the dark belly of a Gulf,to a land unknown to me.Stepping out of the airlock turned my clothes into hot laundry
We're living in a society where 13 and 14 year old girls dream of a relationship even remotely close to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' but can't even tolerate the cramps coming from the heavy flow of their monthly red room of pain.
The rain poors slowly, but consistantly, creating the perfect, wet tambourine. The boy in his sleep snores melodically. The basketball hitting the ground creates the perfect rhythm, 
One day I couldn't reconize myself. I looked in the mirror and couldn't find my face from all the troubles of the world. I wear a smile to cover the pain as I wash away the blood and scars. He hit me. As the red washed away my mind did too.
Music fills my ears nurishment for my hungry soul without a home, but I hear a cord and I am content drowning in fear, but the melody is my savior keeing my head above the water
I miss your lips that made me fly But now I'm all alone With no home to call my own Crowded room but all I see is you Heartache, Hurts so much it makes me cry Alone,
Scared. Alone, There's no one around. All I see are trees sand and the loud ocean waves crashing down.   You should be here with me. But you never seemed to care.
All I need 'Sides air to breathe And jobs to keep me In the green Is love - exchanged 'tween you and me.   Not like dutch
I’m sick of it, The blasted hordes like dried-out gourds Screaming, cawing for more water. Feed the flesh, delight the eyes Give us our shining fantasy. With flippancy Strip down past all the layers of
I would so gladly take him with me, Across oceans, through deserts, above the atmosphere. My best friend, The one person I can never learn to live without.
Life is controlled by time and space. With little known to it and time to waste. But above all what keeps us going. Is time Itself without no one knowing.
Love  I need love   Keeps me Saves me Inspires me Scolds me Praises me Hurts me Invests me Forces me Feeds me Notices me  
Until then, I will tell you your value is more than the world's treasures. Until then, I will look at you and smile because you are amazing, and everything about you is beautiful.
She's the love That I had hoped for The dream I had chased She's the wish I thought would never come true I know that I am blessed To have someone like her.
Started at the top of the world back in the 6th grade, was on the honor roll and thought I had life great.  I thought for sure I would be someone amazing someday, but it flipped the other way in my dismay.
Puffer fish- imitates borrowing a student loan. Deadly, life changing, bodies petrified. It awaits humbly, slowly; innocent upon first glance. Like the holy lizard it ripples through the sea.
Dear Mother, There's this feeling I get when I'm in your embrace. Dear Mother, it's a feeling, like the glow shown on your face. Dear Mother, what is it called when you put me first, always above
Gina Napolitano Cotton   Your crosses are covered in blood. Not the blood of Christ, But the blood that oozes from brown skin.
The sun can shine it's brightest The wind can blow it's hardest But never had my heart felt this deepest To ever felt this hatred Do you ever want to know my wish? As I sat by the lake to see the fish
What if reality is a fallacy, Perpetuated by affliction? Disillusionment just a deterrent For positive transition?   When all is lost, picking up
Dear father who art I heaven God keeps sending letters.I'm still trying to read last weeks stack.He either sends me some clarity,Or i'll think does He have it out for me? Father,What should have I done when I lost my friend?What are you teaching m
There are many scents I take in when I breathe,  But I can't live without the one left behind when you leave. It's hard to describe the feelings I get. I just know I'm brought back to the day that we met.
I live in the eyes of others but they do not see the dark hole I have stumbled into. No one helps me from falling but one; my angel she guides me to the light so I may escape the darkness.
Tonight I wish I was walking on cobbled stone.  Because maybe if I was I would be able to drown the constant sex between the leaves and the wind. I would be able to subdue their moans and sighs. But I'm not, I'm here.
I'm trapped on this island,  theres nothing but silence.  If I had one thing with me, What would it be?   I could choose my phone or a tree,  but how would that benefit me?
All I need? A simple question indeed. Take a look in the mirror, and there you will see The one thing in life that means the most to me
As I am surrounded by the forest tress, nature's wind blows below my feet. I hug myself as I quiver trying to stay warm. The air is crisp and my lips are cracked. Lost within myself I search for a way out.
Let the sun rise up And the earth fade away Every soul cry out Open up heavens gate    We are gathered here Under your name Do away with fear And seek his face  
I wonder what beauty really is, I thought it is someone who you’ll miss Like in the whole, a missing piece, How great you are to tame the beast!
If only more teachers made learning fun.  A single teacher can make you turn.  More students their study they would yearn.  Make learning an opportunity, not a chore. Maybe your students will stop being whores. 
If only more teachers made learning fun.  A single teacher and make you turn.  More students their study they would yearn.  Make learning an opportunity, not a chore. Maybe your students will stop being whores. 
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Lost in thought along slough pews–-   sweating doors–-   curdled smiles; sleepy summer minds
As a fawn in life The world seemed filled with good Everything is something everyone could Ever since 5 I dreamed of being a man’s wife, Then life became more real As I grew more old
I am not at all trendy In fact I’ve fracked more than my fair share of high pressure anxiety attacks   Fashioning a frantic fever
"Every day's a little cold And every day's a little old Every dare's but a little bold And souls only have a little gold But every heart's a little controlled"   However much this song may sting
My body is a sieve. Full of holes, yet still whole. And intact.   It's a bit rusty in places- once shiny and new, the metal frame is tainted,
Einstein may have once said"Everyone's a genius.But if you judge a fish byIt's ability to climb a tree,It will live its whole lifeBeleiving that it's stupid." There's more truth than you think to that.
I am no longer the declarative, so bold Nor am I the forgotten recluse, so cold Relinquish my orthodox views, so old Do not allow myself into the false Fold. The flickering screen beckons, so chaste
Every day a new beginning The beginning of music making Every emotion displayed with the melodies I’m thinking. Happiness, sadness, rejoicing, and anger
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Fritos taste neat under the creak I may seem upset if I overeat What if I am, would that be spooky? To feel a certain way That makes me cooky
I am not who you think I am. But I am him, still.   I am more than what you thought I was. Though I am him, still.   I am nothing more than nothing less - With words and still  
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I lay here on my bed And try to think and think Just what exactly I should write With this pen filled with ink.
I am not you I am not he I will only be the best me, I can be
To be touched and crushed by something that I least expected it from. It came close to my heart, but killed my soul when it was done.
I'll fly away again High in the sky toward migration. As civilizations increase Our species continues to weep. The more land you conquer Forces more stress And Less flowers.
Who am I? A great question this is, the best way to know is to live what I've lived.  So with pen in hand, I'll write to you, the story of me in the best way that I can.
I walk, with head bowed, There is no expressions now, I have lost what was in my eye, The cold wind blows my side, Ice hits everything around me, The purity of white,
You probably don't know me, but my friend made you add me on snapchat.
I need to write a poem. It itches. My skin crawls like a butterfly pupa warped beneath a cacoon ready to burst magnificent colors into the smallest spaces of sky. It burns.
I am light as a feather but no one can hold me forever. Who am I? If you know me, then you want to share me but if you share me, I'll be gone. Who am I?
A common missconception, a desire for the future.  Leading to nothing but emptiness due to the lack of wanting found in the best of us who 
How does one define perfection? By looking in my eyes, They don't show a reflection of the viewer but a glimps into my soul. In the curve of my iris there is a story, A little girl who moved from house to house,
We're growing up But you pop up To point norms thrown up And none taken up.
What I want is just a dream To others, that is not what it seems I want better for myself I want love for the nation What I want is just a thought All of which have faught, For them to be released
Curvy, skinny, thin, or fat. What should I wear, should I eat that? Should I talk slower, should I walk faster Am I too talkative? Should I shut up?
Never been kissed, never been held, never been loved Never been missed
Who are you? And what can you do?
See the third eye inside the mind, through this world of deception
It's the flesh that makes us human The skin that makes us people Double edged sword used to cause upheaval Tactics implemented by a fallen angel Reason why for a mother life and death is so painful
UNBROKEN By Julissa Anaya You. Backstabbing, false, two-faced person, you. Compulsive, deceitful, self-indulgent human, you.  
You're a drunken mistake a night of regret  I can't shake for God's sake    I hurt someone I love  just for the intake of your breath and the connection of our bodies  
The first stroke of the brush and im estatic an idea is born continuous marks commence and im hoping to create something worth talking about potential is key and this has potential
An Angel in Comfortable Shoes
Life is crazy Never filled with just roses and daisies There are highs and lows, Time that comes and goes. Days so hazy.   Over and over we bend and break
Could I say I like the painof seeing you with someone else? Lets me know how wet the rain.Drenched and hurt inside myself.
Storms may blow feirce and strong, winds howl and rains pour moring comes sunlight seeping in another day to endure, my spirits are lifted a rainbow promise I see
Everything you do, Is picture perfect you see? It might not fit in a frame, But life is the memory.   I remember I’d never stop running,
There are two way my mom would say.                                                                                              Choose the right path so we wouldnt face the wrath.
In every country there are hardships to be had. Diseases and disaters! There is no stopping that! America is my home and what a home it is. When nature seems our enemy we always know what to do.
Black is not derived from the word negro. Black was not on the fields, black was not in the home. Black is my stereotypical ego that I was given when others were put upon a throne.    
Not by occasion Nor location But by His crucifixion Death and resurrection Perfected He my salvation Gave He me His vision With full attention I grasped through revelation
Awe: an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder  
I woke up alarmed, the darkness asked to come in. "The devil lives inside of me" she said with a crooked grin. I looked into her bloodshot eyes, no soul within.
My life has it's ups. And downs. And it's starting to turn around.  
Show me your teeth Lift the corners of your mouth Smiles are the natural wreathes   When you feel your mood is going south The simplest anecdote is to remind yourself 
The beast hurt came out from the spiked pit Enjoying the liberation, enthralled by the roses before it Yet they renew its wounds old, refusing to be admired   Alarmed by the pain
In my head, once again lost in a song From the rhythm. To the songs compelling melody
The odours and smell assault me first.  Fried fat, sticky sweets and over piqued thirst. Energetically wrapped in fest and jest, 
I feel dead When my ink die No pulse when I eat instead Of writtin all these rhymes For this is my time This is my life This is my rhyme So.... When ever you hear The sound of my voice
Everything is awesome.You just gotta find'emBut have you ever gave it a try?
No matter what year, fear or tear life may bring; remember that there is always cheer that springs. Let freedom ring! From wall to wall, Who would have thought the confederate flag would fall?
IN AWE of AWESOME I digress my awesomeness-modestly I don’t protest What I say is not in jest-to pursue this awesomeness So awesome follows through the hollows Over the sorrows beyond tomorrows
All that glitters is not gold, So how dare you be so bold, To say that the best things in life are free? Well, no one is free from impunity. You only have the freedom of speech,
Dear Grandfather,
  The battle had been a hard one that day   She had been bruised and beaten in the fray Sitting alone, she thought of what had past The same morn’ a shadow the sun had cast
Mr. Cheetah,   Those who cheatconstantly repeattaking that which is nottheirs, to eat.  
I sat alone one evening, Nearly dreaming upon my table propped, Stopped had I from work to rest,
Creation, Destruction, One and the same. For to make a verse Is still at worse Just bleeding onto a  Innocent page. Scarring it, Marking it
The wonder of the sunrise
Inspired by the Novel "Through the Deep Waters," by Kim Vogel Sawyer, my poem tells the story of a young woman who sold her body to save herself and her mother (set in the mid-late 1800's).  
  Left my feelings under the door. Unspoken words left me wanting more. I feel as if I have to keep emotions covered up, because the emotions I'm emoting are potent.
People tell me that you love me How could you love me? You buy drugs with my birthday card money You didn't forget you just spent the money  I get it daddy  No I don't  You didn't forget 
Tears are a way I face my fear,
You were not a carved a silhouette.   A predertermined notion.   Society's rules did not code you change you define you, you
Teenagers just want to have fun. Of course that would mean drinking, But it’s just fun I wonder if it’s just fun Because I am Jada
Pure love the one you can't see the type to sne
Sick in the hospital Diabetes has me here again My pumps not working All my panceras is, is dead.
Wake up...wake...WAKE!  I am falling fast...tumbling downward in a crazy spiral So nauseous...head throbbing My skin, blood, bones, and soul tearing apart Screams lost in the cacophany
The beauty of the forgotten
The talk down.  The walk down the stairs.
I know this self(i.e me)
Loud and yet quiet,
I am Victoria Brooke Pickel
What's on Nate's IG The best Nate that Nate would be the Nate that should be  
A million selfies, now a million and oneI've sent to the eyes of the man who held the gun.The gun of the happiness I asked him ownOn account of the interest and affection he'd shown.
I open my eyes and look towards my feet. There are weights on a wall seeming to stare at me.
Who am I?  My birth name is Shelby.  But that's changed over the years; shrimp, chipmunk, penguin, shorty. School was rough. Not always fitting in.  Graduation set me free. Now - I am me.
Love her the same By Lauren Deja  
My pup is growing so very fast, She eats and plays and snores like a fiend, Her Churchill demeanor makes her all the more lovable, Cleo the dog, our bond will only get stronger.
dr j and micheal jorden was the best basketball players to ever play the game of basketball, they were great ball players and they will rise to the top.
I hide who I am from most everyone today I was bullied and harassed back in the day It taught me to sit back quietly and assess Don't allow anyone in or else it causes stress
The world seems to lean by the masses to the optical
I’m not a poet I’m a penny flying through the air after you throw it Off the top of a building or Into the wishing well   I’m wishing well for all my brothers and sisters across the globe
I am a frugal creature with a mindful nature I could never have my meals specially catered  When there so many who go hungry all because of money  I would spare no expense to bring them in harmony 
My pouting lips, My freckles, My brown eyes brown hair and blonde tips are Exposed. My red skin, My frizzy curls, My chubby wrists cheeks and chin.
I was born into a generation A generation bred into technology They claim we lack morals and conservation But I believe it is an inherited ideology They bombard us with promiscuity and violence on the big screen
Without a filter I use huge words Cuss words, made-up words, Ugly words like butt hurt I’m positively a grammatical genius 32 on my ACT in English Now when tell me am I using this?
Babies are crying, while people are dying.There's always that one, that you say you love.Why though do they hurt, they're face down in the dirt.
I am a very humble man I do everything I possibly can Discrimination needs to stop There is no race who is on top Red, yellow, white or black We are equal, thats a fact The killing needs to cease
People today brag about “No Filter” as if it is an accomplishment, Bragging that they have not edited themselves, Acting as if displaying the truth of yourself is some great, courageous act.
Face loaded up with make-up,
There's a coursing river coming right at you no dams or cares that's a fact. But I hope you know something, this honesty isn't fantasy. I'm not a funny page, I'm imbuing knowledge
I esteem.
I am a woman. Therefore, I am power. A typical woman is said to bloom like a flower. Why bloom like a flower, when you can sting like a bee? I am fearless, and I will be a queen.  
In my head there is music
Nobody is perfect, I hear it every day, "Flawless just doesn't exist", But who cares what people say.   Beautiful, confident, bold; Ugly, fat, queer; We are our greatest critics,
  Woman Wrapped in Self-Confidence   I am a woman wrapped in self-confidence A crown of wisdom placed upon my brow A heart of wonder laced with tenderness Tall I stand against all resistance.  
The world is colorful Our perception is often not Instead of the rainbow We live in black and white thought We catogorize, we generalize--we label each other's lives With our preset misconceptions 
“Is it okay? Are you okay?” You say “I feel so guilty” “Not enough” I say If you did it anyways
It’s not as if I've never been here before   It's right there in that chair that you realize tears are imminent
Through thick and thin, we formed an alliance, Turned to each other when in need of reliance. Guiding me through when life throws me troubles, Providing advice for my daily struggles.
I am always the most hyper person in the room. When i talk it comes out loud and booming.  I never serious and the only time i stop moving is when i fall asleep. My hands are always tapping and there is a beat in my head,
The love that has been shown to me, without the makeup and clothes, is a different kind of love, then when i have them on, but who am i to impress others, I'm just me, myself and I,But who is this me, This me is a girlwho isn't afraid, Isn't afrai
      When you leave you venture above dormant pavement This is a memory This is a moment
  Death is easy, Life is hard, Death is calm, Life is rough.
I am not flawless Nobody but a fool says they are.   My nails are uneven Because I bite them worrying whether my work’s even
I walk with my hijab- shadowed but shining I walk fast, small silent steps, quick pace I walk and weave through the crowded hallways No bother to anyone, anyone no bother to me
Wat i know is the theory of me What i believe in honor in which i see the others in a new light
Take me to church and tell me no and go to hell. I dont belong here and I never will belong here. I could never believe you.
Without a Face, Do I Still Exist?  
Once more, I look through the mirror and see exactly the person I didn't want to be. All the life, all the sense, all ambitions I'd need, were gone from the person who stared back at me.
I am the bastardized version of the American dream.  To many I am not clean, to more unseen.  I was a foster care child, to which many equate to wild.
A shoe too small for man to wear; Lost life, a soul so young, a br'er. Upon the grave we must lament; our wails to carve the grey cement. The dead we wrought; wrung malcontent.
I'd only felt at best in my dreams and even then I wasn't fully asleep. Plagued by my conscience of insecurity, constantly reminded of my impurities. Entirely, I forced myself to accept me.
All my life I fought to become The girl without a flaw I tossed and turned, awake at night This is what I saw.   A world of perfect people, Every one the same. And as I dreamed I realized
"Write about a trouble in your life," they say- but in no way      can I relay        the way that I got laid
When I looked in the mirror I saw pain and hurt written all over it. When I looked in the mirror I saw black and blue. When I looked in the mirror I began to cry because when I looked in the mirror I saw ugliness.
They say your eyes, When given time, Become accustomed To the night.   Though dark and eerie One great shadow, Night penetrated Glows to light.   It is a lie.
Flawless Am I that Could I be that Wish I could be Looking in the mirror I saw them all Big nose, big forehead, ugly smile I fixed the smile But what about the rest? Work out
Flowers are like spring,   Blooming and born anew,  
One can describe,  One can demostrate, One can interwined, but the kind of that you show,  will come alive only.. If you choose to show it.
As the pandas die off, so do I But I’ve been told lie after lie That I am fine That I’m only hyped On some “cute” delusion “But, is it a delusion?” I ask in utter confusion
People look at me as I look back they say what I could be and the things I lack
Behind the mask I have been stripped Stripped away from all that was mine I am just a plain face Left out in the cold to wither away My eyes fill with tears I am a souless soul
A flawless person has never once walked upon this earth Women everywhere are itchin' to gain beauty and selfworth Society tells them they are too fat or too thin But women need to know that beauty comes from within
Quick with a joke and full of hope
That's ItI've made itI'm doneI booked my ticket straight to the sunThe stars speak and I hear;"This is your Captain speaking,Your one way flight from victim, Land of SilenceHome of the Slave
Being two people at the same time is hard.
I am simply me   Nothing more nothing less Do I speak differently Why yes The shaking you hear is not my choice Scared that the next word I say will not come out
A heartless beating thumps in my chest My head manifests an illusion of what was
Save all that drama and animosity  Cause it ain't for me, You can be the one to tell Facebook and Tweet but your standards, I'm not about to meet.  I wasn't sent here for everyone to like me
I step onto the stage ready to entertain, but people do not know Behind the curtain I left my shame. Fantasies are what they are seeing. What draws you into hell? Why do they bother hearing
If you only could look through my da
I hide inside myself in some secret waiting place far away, close beside, listening to songs I remember of you.   No one goes or knows or maybe even cares,
I've been surrounded by people, who've greatly impacted my life. "Great", such a terriible word. Its nature is a double-edged sword. For one who conquers the world, whether to spread love or unleash hate
Sitting alone on the grass late one night Admiring the starry sky shining so bright I could not help but be in awe of my God Who created the heavens and man out of sod
I don't wear makeup
A being in my heart, You were always there from the start. Never shall we be apart. Me and the being in my heart.   We gaze up towards the coudy sky, In agony, our life isa lie.
I can’t chew on the thought that’s begot Rotting inside like they thought I forgot When they couldn’t see me gnashing my fangs against my iron-wrought cage, the fangs, their bangs-
I woke up this morning to the sound of no alarm clock Of course I was 30 minutes late, and I had to leave in ten I shot up from my bed and my whole body cracked
my room is crowded with feelings, and all i feel is alone. my family and friends, they just pretend that this house was ever a home my mother, she really does love me. she's the one who tends to my wounds.
I grew and noticed I had no pair Sent by God to provide care All ma burdens no one help bare Of the many Love none was shared.
Who can judge my dirty blonde hair? Who can judge me on what I should wear?
“You’re boring” I smile thinly Returning to my book It’s hardly a plot twist I’ve heard this many times I already know it’s true   But then they keep coming back
Roses are flowers and so are violets. I really like nursing, it is my dream. I'm gonna help people and that's important. Who knows? I might help your child someday. My rhyming is terrible and so is this poem,
I come from a neighborhood of South L.A. where it is likely for the local youth who succumb to the world of the Gang Bang. Typically, the local gang members do hard time for committing drive by's that go "Bang! Bang!".
As a elementary student I read books to get gold medals It was for competition, climbing academic levels However my competitiveness turned into a love affair  Books became my escape from despair 
What makes me happy can be rather simple: My car, my sister, not having a pimple. But it can be more complicated than that. Like seeing a friend and having a chat, Or watching my favorite show,
D4 my opening move Who could disprove? The power of thinking ahead This gives me much joy but others dread strategy and tactics an army of 16 The most powerful piece The Queen
You're gonna hear me roar! Katy Perry sure knows how to rock her assonance.  
BY BRENDA SHAUGHNESSY If it takes me all day, I will get the word freshened out of this poem.   I put it in the first line, then moved it to the second, and now it won’t come out.  
BY EDGAR ALLAN POE Gaily bedight, A gallant knight, In sunshine and in shadow, Had journeyed long, Singing a song, In search of Eldorado.   But he grew old- This knight so bold-
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