Memories and Time.

If you ask the many about what they need on a deserted island many talk about food.

Others talk about how they would need the right dudes.

Many plan and brag about how they would get out fast

However no one has ever asked about what happened in the past.

How, what, when, why

All of these questions affect how you live and die.


Did you come from a ship or perhaps a plane?

How did the accident happen, are you to blame?

Do you have any injuries if so how do you stop the pain?

Are you even sane?


In this world there is only one thing that can answer all these questions, memories.

This roll of film is what shapes you and me throughout the centuries.

Make no mistake memories are the most important things to have in your life.

Living without them is like cutting your soul out with a kitchen knife.

After all without them what would you be?

Out there alone in the sea?


You would become an empty shell and the island your home.

Condemned to live out your days there until time cleans out your bones.

After all why would you want to leave?

You would have no memories of any other place or loved ones to grieve.


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First time writing a poem in a while hopefully you gus like it. Please feel free to leave comments down below.

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