That's It


That's It
I've made it
I'm done
I booked my ticket straight to the sun
The stars speak and I hear;
"This is your Captain speaking,
Your one way flight from victim, 
Land of Silence
Home of the Slave
We'll soon be arriving at Wisdom
Land of Defience
Home of the Brave
Thank you for flying Freedom Airways
Have a nice day"

That ticket
All it cost was my ignorance 
Brought upon by my innocence
That first step it's all it took
To have my eyes finally look
And see the docility we've made into reality
I walked into that fire's breath
Set to face my kiss of death
But instead of scorched 
I'm now inflamed
Ablaze to be
A hope
A dream
A change
Finally a voice with words to speak
Finally a face with a name

A word I've heard a million times
But never felt was quite....mine
Invisible seemed to suit me just fine
But the pain never felt the same
It lavished in all the fame
And when I tried to tie it down
It would pound, and pound, and pound
A leach I thought I couldn't burn
So I watched as it slowly turned me into nothing

But now
Instead of fear
Or shame
I found my purpose
My reason
My claim
To my strenth

To be victimized
Made me realize 
That paint can't stop a wall from falling
Just as blush won't stop that bruise from calling
For the world to see
And score me on its tragedy
This isn't a symphony
My tears aren't melodies
But as they cresendo down my face
They seem to keep a tempo to a base
That others just wanted to be erased

But then I realized
Fuck those guys
My name is Raven
And I am a person
Who will not bargain
For anything less
Than equal happiness

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