My Dearest Deer




My Dearest Deer

Jared Gonzales

As I anxiously await the draw result

I find myself watching the mail everyday

I continually remind myself, I am a young adult

I can barely contain myself day after day

I practice and practice my aim and release

I am hoping and praying the draw goes my way

I continue to practice my aim and release

The months of March, April and May

YES! YES! Today is the day!

I hold the letter in my hand!

Please, please I pray the draw went my way!

Boy Oh Boy I have been awaiting this day!

YES! YES! The draw went my way!

I hold in my hand the tag for the year

I continually practice my aim and release

I anxiously start gathering all of my gear

Boy Oh Boy this is the year, I harvest my very first deer!

September, September it is actually here!

The sounds of the wild is all I can hear

I enjoy every moment I am spending out here

I hunt and I hunt day after day

The last day has come and the last day has gone

I wasn’t lucky enough to harvest the deer

My dearest Deer maybe next Year!







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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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