Lost In A Song

In my head, once again lost in a song

From the rhythm. To the songs compelling melody

I let my head sway to the smooth beat

Loosening my body to really dance to this songs enthralling tempo

Raising my hands up high

I can definitely imagine touching the sky

Letting myself get lost in a beautiful daze, loving this crazy haze

Nothing about this moment feels wrong

I am finally indulging in a fearless kind of bliss

It burns hotter than the sun

It feels freer than a kiss that was laid upon someone’s lips

I am happy, spinning around in a circle with my head held high

Fully open to smile widely

To not feel shy about dancing openly

Or having to hide from this awe feeling inside

Everything about this day just feels right

Letting my hair down

Being my own the belle of the ball

Fall down and not being pressured to get up

Throwing caution to wind

Letting my shoes fall where they may

Spinning around the room

Not being forced to keep myself at bae

Losing while gaining precious time

Freely open to let my awesomeness shine

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