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Rise and shine
To the morning freshness
That promises pureness
Of mind, of heart and of soul
A beauty only seen once in a lifetime

This day has come
This day will go
Trust me it will never return
Smile your best today as though
No tomorrow will spring
As though no other flower will blossom
Nor any dawn brighten

You don't know what here lies
In between today nor tomorrow
Rivers flow and rains pour
Their cycles go round and round
But yours never will
Enjoy it will it lasts and as you have it

Tomorrow never blossoms
Tomorrow never beckons
It's only realized there is a morrow
You'll never harvest
And so will you never sow
Never shall you sow a seed of a future
You'll only find yourself right there
You only have to embrace it
Like every other fine morrow
..............To be continued


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