Magic or Tragic

"Once upon a time" quite the phrase.

Hearing it captivates children in a daze.

But children forget that villains are people too.

Their actions may even have jusifiable cause through and through.

I promise you look for a clue.

Cinderalla's step parent is like any other.

Wanting someone handsome for her daughters, though still a mean stepmother.

The three bears were more of the victims because of goldilocks.

Breaking and entereing, she could've messed with the clocks.

If it were my story, I'd give the villain a spotlight. 

More of a sequal to a story, is it not right?  

A villain's need could be that of a normal villager.

It's only a matter of events they become a pillager.

Better yet, my villains don't have to be the winner.

The fat despicable king could end up thinner. 

Maybe the big bad wolf could have a nice chicken dinner. 

Problems and desires led them to be bad.

Anyone can be like that, I find it sad. 

My stories would view the villains like any other character.

Maybe I could even be the narrator. 

I would only hope the readers find it full of magic. 

The worse outcome is if they find it awfully tragic.




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