Woman Wrapped in Self-Confidence


Woman Wrapped in Self-Confidence


I am a woman wrapped in self-confidence

A crown of wisdom placed upon my brow

A heart of wonder laced with tenderness

Tall I stand against all resistance.


I am seventeen years of age

A young girl craving to obtain my aims and aspirations

A driven woman fighting for fair treatment in our nation

Placed here to heal my people of their social lacerations.


"Young black girl what will you make of your life?"

I excitedly tell them embellishing with my hands.

"I see where you're coming from, but you must understand,

You have certain limitations based on societal demands.

You are black and a woman, please find a better plan."


Why is my potential given parameters defined by physical differences?

Why does my skin and gender serve only to hinder me?

Who even made this a remote possibility?

Yes, my race and womanhood are a part of me,

Yet, they only serve to add identity, not rub away any shred of my humanity.


I will rise above your misguidance and shallow opinions.

If I must climb the steeper slope I will do so sprinting

No, I will do so flying, even soaring.


I am a woman wrapped in self-confidence

A tender disposition with the voice of a lioness

A focused mind sealed by my own signet ring

Head held high by my inherent mightiness.


I. Am. Flawless. 

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