I don't wear makeup

Not because my hair is short
Or because I wear baggy clothes
But because I have inner beauty that I hope would show
I don't wear makeup
Not because I don't want the guys
Or because I look like one 
But because I'd hope that you could see me for who I am at least once
I don't wear makeup
Not because I'm too confident
No that's not true at all
I hide behind strength that's as fragile as China dolls
I hurt just like you and I feel just as deeply
I don't wear makeup, nah filters delete me
You should take me for who I am not what was made of me
Take me for what you see not what Mac has done to me
I am all I have 
All I have is what God gave me
A face with plain details 
Why should I change me?
Am I not pretty?
Am I not good enough?
Am I ugly to the naked eye?
Do disgust you with my natural look 
Why don't you look me in the eye!
Tell me, why should I change my outside appearance to get you to want me? 
I have a hard enough time accepting me being lonely
I have to wake up and look at me everyday
And tell myself "Gon girl you, look okay." 
And that's the closet thing to a compliment I will get
Because I don't wear makeup
So I look like shit ! 
Does my presents not strike you like a big ol booty?
See I was told when I walk in a room my presents is moving
But you don't see me that way 
Nah I guess you don't feel me 
Because you're so used to makeup you don't know true beauty
I have conversation, intellect, and motivation 
I'm standing here right now spillin my guts to you and you a total stranger
Get this, I'm realer than the person that's sittin next to you !
And yall swear that yall want somebody real
Nah you want someone that's gon lie to you before you even speak 
But it's just makeup and filters I guess it don't get that deep
So I do wear makeup
For all of yall to see
The front I put on like none of this bothers me
I wear the makeup of confidence and security
The only time I am who I am is when I'm on stage showing you all of me


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